SEO Ranking Factors in 2019

Top 5 Must to Consider SEO Ranking Factors in 2019

2018 was a big year for the SEO industry, with plenty of changes in the Google search algorithm, mobile first indexing, voice search, and UI. Besides, Google has been active with Google My Business and local searches throughout the year. While most updates for 2019 are mere predictions, Google is more likely to work over the updates made in last year. For example, it has been emphasizing Mobile First for past some years which will be continued in 2019.

It can be said that Google’s priorities will create new ranking factors for 2019. On the basis of this, here we have come up with new strategies that will work and help improve your website ranking in the search results.

1. The Speed of Your Webpage:

Slow loading pages can kill your user’s experience with your website. Here are some statistics to prove that….

Even worse, a slow page load can attract a penalty from Google.

Page load time is an important ranking factor as it directly influences the traffic to a website. There are tools like Page Speed Insight to test your website’s load time.

2. Content Structure:

Messy and scattered content is a huge turnoff, no matter how great information is it. This is why “the art of content presentation” has been a golden rule to make even mediocre things look great.

Structure your content with headers and sub-headers. Besides, use short sentences and white spaces as well. This way, it will be easier for your audience to read and digest the “things”. After all, a good content structure means a great user experience which in turn translates to a better ranking. Good content structure can actually become your roadmap for effective content marketing strategy.

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3. Voice Search:

Voice search is important for your SEO marketing in 2019. This is because 20% search queries on mobile devices are coming from voice searches apps like Google Now, Cortana and Siri. And voice search is expected to be accounted for 50% of all online queries by 2020. With voice search, website owners can provide answers in a quicker way.

Using voice search-friendly content is more important as half Singaporeans use voice apps like Google Assistance, S voice and Siri. This BLOG will help you create effective voice search-friendly content for your business.

4. Local SEO:

Did you know? 46% of searches have local intent, meaning that they are location based. Local SEO is important for your local business or the services in a certain locality. According to one study by Forbes, over 90% smartphone users perform local searches, out of “WHICH 61% CALLED THE BUSINESS and 59% VISITED them”. It is a clear indication that leads from local searches can benefit your business.

5. Work over Your Images

Images are an important SEO asset you shouldn’t overlook. They are as important as your title and heading. They not only make your webpage looks attractive but also explain the things. Google also recognize the importance of images with its guidelines for image publishing.

Working over the images can ensure better load time, user experience and ranking opportunities. Make sure your SEO campaign includes a plan for optimizing images that appeal your audience while remaining relevant to your content.

Here’s how…

  • Prefer images of your real people over stock images.
  • Use abstract images for stirring emotions.
  • Use images for your inscrutable or DIY content.
  • Use keywords (relevant to images) in your Alt text and image tag.
  • Optimize heavy images to improve your site load time.

By taking care of these ranking factors, you can make a big difference to your website’s performance in 2019.

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