About Us

About KVR

Shaped up in 2011, with an appetite and enthusiasm to help businesses using online channels and getting them success in the first time, we worked hard for our clients by increasing their reach to the relevant audience..

Meet Our Directors

Digital Marketing Expert

Varun Sharma


Digital Marketing Expert and a keen researcher, Varun loves helping his clients reach their audiences and seeing them succeed.

Google Paid Advertising Expert

Romit Malhotra


Google Paid Advertising Expert, Romit keeps himself updated with all the latest techniques to help his clients use online channels and get them success in the first go.

Business Development Expert

Kunal Seth


A business Development Expert, Kunal is a master-mind in approaching the right businesses and turning them into lifelong associates.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Disha Singh


Beauty with talent, Disha is a social media expert with years of experience in Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Meet Our Team

We are Certified

Hootsuite Proffesional Certificate Google Adwords Certificate Google Analytics Certificate Inbound Marketing Certificate