Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Your Roadmap for Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Earlier we have discussed the “Website Design Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make in 2018” and today we will discuss how to come up with a content marketing strategy that really works.

What is your content marketing strategy?

Do you think it’s all about creating blogs to be thrown across the Internet?

Or you assume that it’s a smart way to promote your business?

If so, then you must be sticking to wrong content marketing practices. And no wonder that you are seeing little to no results this route. Content marketing is a way to serve useful and engaging content to your audience.

Can you engage them with your textual blogs when your competitor is using videos? Similarly, an underhanded sales copy is useless when they are looking for a solution.

There are so many reasons that people are not commenting on your blog posts, not engaging with your website content and for that you actually need to keep your content personalized, transparent and authentic. Then, you need to determine the right content type and platforms as well. Here’s how…

Who are the People Interested in Your Products and Services?

Who is your audience? Who are likely to be interested in your product and services?

Identifying your target audience is a basic yet important step in content marketing. It may be a bit easier if you know about your existing customers. But if you don’t have existing customers or buyers personas, you will have to go extra miles.

Don’t worry. You can start this by going through a few quick ways given below:

  • Study competitor case studies
  • Go through industry analyst reports
  • Go to forums and professional networks
  • Use Facebook Audience Insights
  • Conduct interviews and surveys
  • Choose email and social media to outreach your audience

Then, you need to do a little digging:

  • Why they should choose your products/services?
  • What results do they expect from your products and services?
  • What influence your customers as they assess options?

But this part shouldn’t be overstressed. Take small steps and talk to couple of people first, and then create your persona from there.

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Where You Can Find Those People?

The next step is to locate your target audience across the Internet. From Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter to Instagram, customers use various platforms to interact and share information. Besides, they use Google to search for information about specific products and services prior to making a purchase.

All you need to figure out your target audience among them.

Here are some strategies you should brainstorm:

  • Talk to customers and conduct surveys
  • Check out competitors’ networks, groups, and keywords
  • Read industry reports

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What Type of Content Do They Like?

The previous point helps you figure out the “online whereabouts” of your target audience. Now, think about what type of content they like. For example, if they are on LinkedIn, then they might like detailed articles, whitepapers or slide decks. Facebook users prefer videos and list posts. Storytelling may be a good fit for your audience using Medium. If they are on Instagram, they like pictures and just pictures.

The key is here to determine the content that appeals to your audience.

What Results You Expect From Your Content?

What’s the aim of your content? Do you want to convince people to opt for your webinar, download your e-book or subscribe your email list?

Sales funnels and buying cycles can be really useful in this scenario. For example, they help you determine which content will be useful for your prospective buyers in each stage.

Whatever you want them to do, make sure to keep your content comprehensive, attractive, and above all free of cost.

Then ask yourself following questions:

  • What should I tell my audience about my business?
  • What issues or problems I should target?

How will You Track the Progress of Your Content Marketing?

Keep a tab on your content marketing campaign. Is it working? How much traffic does it receive in a day? Is it converting? What about engagement?

Here Google Analytics will help you track all these things.

Over to You:

Again, your content marketing strategy shouldn’t be long and stressful. All you need to focus on your target audience, their concerns and type of content (that may hit the bull’s eye).

Create the right content for the right people and share it over right platforms.

One more thing—this strategy won’t bring you overnight success. But it is for sure that it will pave the way for your success over the time.

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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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