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Get on the Top With Our Local SEO Services in Singapore!

Our expertly-delivered local SEO services in Singapore are tailored to the specific needs of your business and include …

  • Google My Business
  • Citation Building
  • Link Building
  • Local Rank Tracking
  • Reviews
  • Listings

Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Miss on Local SEO

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or local search marketing is a strategy designed to market your local business online.

It helps promote your services and products to customers in your area at the exact time they’re looking for it. Simply put, local SEO means to get your online business rank for local phrases. For example, you might have found us by using the phrase “local SEO company near me”.

Local SEO provides vital information about your business to Google in the form of citations, reviews and GMB. It helps Google or other search engines to match your local shop to people seeking similar services/products being offered by you at the exact moment.

Simply put, local SEO helps you top the search results when a prospective customer looks for a business like yours in their neighbourhood. Eventually, your local business can get into top rankings so more people can find you and contact—and visit your local store.

The Prospects of Local SEO Services in Singapore

In today’s time, local SEO is no more a luxury. It has become essential to growing your local business. And here are some facts to back that:

  • 46% of all Google Searches are Local.
  • 50% of “Near Me” Searches Lead Customers to a Physical Store.
  • 74% of Shoppers Look for the Closet Store, Locations, Directions and Contact Information Before Vising the Store.
  • Over 90% of Customers Admit that Customers Reviews are Important for Them.
  • Searches for Local


How Local SEO Works

You must be wondering how local SEO works? While it's not rocket science, it is a thoughtful process to work over some key ranking factors such as GMB listing, reviews, local citations and maps. This is because these factors contain the data about your business on which a search engine can rely. Here is how local SEO works by concluding all these factors:

The Role of GMB Listing:

GMB or Google My Business is a free business listing and helps your business get visible to many potential customers. It is just like any online directory that shows clients your address, hours of operations, phone number, website and direction, and reviews as soon as they search you.

Using Local Citations:

A local online citation contains the name and contact details of a local business. Citations can appear on directories, websites and social media outlets. They help customers to find your local business. Besides, they stand for your business credibility and existence. For example, Google can find out that your business exists and is up and running, giving it the confidence to show your business to the relevant users.

Improving Presence over Google Maps:

With more customers using the Google Maps app, making your business available on Google Maps lets your customers find you easily on their devices. The Maps listing also appear in the SERPs. For example, if anyone searches “local SEO agency near me”, Google will show them the searches closed to their location on the Maps.

Why Count On Our Local SEO Services in Singapore

At KVR Singapore, we help businesses like you to thrive in the digital world with our personalised online marketing solutions. We are you “go-to” online marketing agency when it comes to local SEO services.

We believe in a result-oriented approach—no excuses, no complicated jargon and no dramas. Our local online services are based on real performance targets, real revenue growth, actual figures and real ROI. We are here to help your business grow in the digital landscape.

Local SEO Case Study: How ChampionTutor Achieves its Dream Traffic

ChampionTutor is an online tutoring platform in Singapore to meet tutors to students and vice versa. It approached us to boost its traffic and visibility as well.

We first figured out what their goals were, for both the long and short term. By doing so, we got an idea of the results ChampionTutor wanted to achieve from its marketing activity, letting us plan the right local SEO strategies for them.

We analysed the online presence of ChampionTutor and felt the need for sound local online strategies for it.

Here are some strategies implemented by us:

  • Keyword Research
  • Profile Creation on GMB and other Directories
  • On-Page Content Optimisation
  • Optimising Contact Details


Our local SEO strategies worked for ChampionTutor as it boosted traffic for the online tutoring platform.

The above chart shows the Google Organic results from Jul 15 to May 16. As shown in the chart, our process started at the beginning of July 15, when the traffic was below 5k. With our sound strategies, we managed to get it near 10k.

Plus, it started dominating the search results, as shown in the image above.

Local SEO Services Done Right. Here’s How

Unlike most SEO companies, we don’t jump to the process right away. First of all, we understand your business, followed by the identification of the right platforms as well as the implementation of the right keywords.

It also includes the analysis of how your customers are searching online as well as the creation of in-depth action plan to ensure that when they look for the services or products related to your industry, they can see you on the top.

Here’s how…

Reputation Management:

What do people think of you? We help your business attract positive reviews as well as handle the negative ones elegantly.

Local Citations:

We create the listing of your business on all of the necessary directories to enhance your exposure.

GMB Profile Creation and Optimisation:

Our Google My Business services include complete optimisation of your GMB listing, from image optimisation to keyword research and everything in between.

On-Page Optimisation:

We optimise your website for content, meta tags, headers, images and other factors affecting your search results.

Local Influencers Reach Out:

We also approach local influencers or experts to review your product and services so that you can get more leads.


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    “Our long term SEO partner, professional, and communicates well. Achieved top 5 rankings for our main keywords, highly recommended!”

    - Mr Khang, Apixel IT Support, Singapore

    “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards the efforts contributed by your team. Thank you for establishing our website in the first page ranking. Indeed your team has been efficient and proficient in executing the SEO strategies, and I trust our partnership is a lifelong event, where both businesses will prosper together. 2 thumbs up for your team.”

    - Quintus Josiah Tan, Champion Tutor, Singapore



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