• 74% of Singaporeans Prefer to Shop Online.
  • 26% of Singaporeans Shop Online at Least once a week.
  • The top e-commerce commodities over Singaporean Platforms are Fashion, Electronics, Media and Furniture.
  • Singapore's e-commerce is expected to be a USD 6,029 Million Industry by 2020.


(Sources: Mediaonemarketing.com and Go-Globe.com)


Why Your Ecommerce Site Needs SEO

SEO can benefit your e-commerce business by boosting its reach and sales, thereby increasing your revenue. Here are some key benefits of SEO for your e-commerce site.

Enhancing the User Experience:

SEO optimize your site's usability, such as content and page load time to improve the user experience. Improved user experience translates to more traffic.

Boosting Your Traffic:

SEO helps your online store rank higher in search results, which leads to more prospective customers and higher conversion rates.

Lowering Marketing Costs:

SEO minimizes advertising costs. When you already get top ranking, there is no need to invest in PPC or advertise your site. You will continue to top the search results as long as a customer clicks your search links.

Building Brand Credibility:

Securing top places in the search results give your potential customers the idea that you are a reliable and popular player in e-commerce.

Increasing Visibility:

SEO ensures that search engines quickly discover your e-commerce site through an organic or regular search. It even helps you create brand awareness.

KVR is Your Trusted Ecommerce SEO Partner!

Let our team of marketing and technology specialists handle your e-commerce SEO so that you can focus on the core line of your business. When we create an SEO marketing strategy for your online business, we will customize the campaign to your unique business objectives. We specialize in building a full-funnel strategy to improve your revenue and customer retention rate as well. We are focused and determined to make your eCommerce venture a success!

Let Us Get Your Ecommerce Business to the Top

Our SEO Strategies for Your Ecommerce Success

Keep in mind that an SEO campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. The more time we invest in planning, the more potent your campaign will be. Based on this methodology, here is how we do SEO for your e-commerce site.

Site Architecture:

It is all about setting up navigation, product pages and category pages in your eCommerce store. We make sure your customers get the most relevant content minimizing the times they need to click to find it.

Keyword Research:

We use advanced SEO tools to create sound keywords being used by your audience.

Navigation and Site Hierarchy:

We work over your e-commerce site navigation so that shoppers can find products easily and quickly.

Sitemap Maintenance and Development:

Sitemap lets search engines know about the pages to be crawled, and might help them discover and index those pages.

Indexing and Crawling:

By taking care of indexing and crawling, we make sure your e-commerce pages are properly indexed and crawled by Google as well as show up in the search results.

Canonical Tags:

Using the canonical tags eliminate issues arising from identical or duplicate content on several URL—just like your product pages.

Bot Rendering:

It is the process of serving a client-side of a site for users and a separate, server-side version for Search Bots.

Code/Pixel Verification:

A verification code is used to prevent Internet robots from abusing and spamming your contact or other forms on your e-commerce site.

Broken Link Repair:

Broken links are fixed by redirecting them either or the proper pages or using 301/302 redirects.

HTTP Status Code Error Resolution:

HTTP Status Code errors or Error 400 are fixed as they can hinder the visibility of certain pages to your customers.

Why Count On Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Proven Strategies:

Over the past few years, we have helped several e-commerce sites gets traffic and visibility.

Case Study: How E-Living Reached 0 to 2K Visitors with Us

Our proven SEO strategies have helped many e-commerce clients see success. And E-Living is one of them. E-Living is an Australian online furniture store selling all types of furniture varying from the bedroom to the living room. Despite selling furniture at affordable prices, the store was struggling with less organic traffic, little to no leads with existing traffic, and zero GMB conversions.

E-Living approached us to help with its traffic and leads. We analysed the sites and took the following steps:

  • Content Creation on Relevant Keywords
  • Regular Blog Posting
  • Third-Party Posting on Websites with High DA
  • Aggressive Content Marketing
  • Guest Posting
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Web Pages Optimization for Speed, Responsiveness, and Schema
  • Removal of On-Pages Glitches

How Our Strategies Bore Fruit for E-Living Furniture

We started working on E-Living in July 2019 when it was getting little to no traffic. We implemented our strategies to improve its visitors. According to the graph given below, the traffic rose to 1500 by September, 2019 and went past 2k mark in December.

Besides, it started getting over 7,000 searches in quarter.


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    Happy Customers:

    We take pride in the fact that we have a long trail of happy and satisfied clients. And their success is our real rewards.

    “I've been looking into a lot SEO agency and freelancer lately, by far they are the best i can find very professional and easy to work with. His knowledge of SEO is extraordinary, I Highly Recommended!”

    - Chris Yap, CEO at E-Living

    10 Years of Experience:

    We have been providing high-quality SEO services for over 10 years, making us experienced and specialized enough to understand your SEO needs.

    End to End Ecommerce Services:

    From SEO strategy to integration and automation to optimization, we offer comprehensive SEO e-commerce services under one roof.

    Tactical Execution:

    We specialize in implementing SEO strategy for various platforms such as Google Shopping, Amazon and Shopify.

    Understanding Google Algorithms:

    Our SEO strategies for e-commerce websites are built around Google Algorithms so that your site stays protected from Google's penalties.

    Get a Free Website Audit!

    Want to figure out the issues that are holding your e-commerce site from results? Our free Audit tool is a quick snapshot into your page's SEO health, providing you clear, actionable information to improve your website. And you will get audit report in no time!


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