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Here’s Why Your Tuition Centre Needs a Mobile App to Compete

A mobile app is beneficial for your tuition centre in many ways. It not only helps you manage your administrative tasks, but also provides your students a powerful learning tool. In this way, it can give an edge to your tuition centre facing stiff competition.

Tuition has become a billion dollar industry in Singapore, thanks to the challenging academic environment driving students to the extra classes. A joint survey conducted by The Strait Times and Nexus Link found that 70% Singaporean parents has hired tutors for their children.

And it is equally true that the industry is fiercely competitive due to the mushroom growth of tuition centres across the country. From small streets to the luxury malls, tuition centres are everywhere. Even some of them have multiple branches throughout the city. To get a competitive edge, some tuition centres offer free shuttle services and wealth management tips.

So, where do you see your tuition centre in a crowd? Do you have satisfactory numbers of students to make profit? If you are a small tuition centre, your budget won’t allow you to offer free shuttle service or other perks.

Why don’t you get a mobile app developed for your tuition centre?

Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to talk about mobile app when you are expecting a solution for your struggling tuition centre.

But actually it can work! A mobile app helps students connect with your tuition centre, even when they are on the run.

Still not convinced?

Here comes the next point explaining the benefits of mobile app for your tuition centre.

Why Mobile App is an Opportunity a Tuition Owner Should Not Miss?

The above given facts show the rapid increase of the smartphone users in Singapore. Majority of these smartphone owners are students who spend more time on mobile phone in a day. Besides, tuition apps are widely used in the nation. Get the point?

It means that a mobile app can help your tuition centre capitalize on those smartphone users. A student is likely to join the tuition centre providing 24/7 tutor access and assignment sharing facility through its mobile app. It will give you a much needed competitive advantage.

The following two points will explain why mobile app is a win-win situation for both tuition centres and students.

Why Mobile App is a Boon for Your Tuition Centre?

    • Student Information:

Everything you wanted to know about students can be feed into the system.

    • An Ease to Manage Payments:

It helps you manage student’s payment and receipts along with pending payment, advance payment and discounts.

    • Know Who is Absent in the Class:

The mobile apps let you mark each student or tutor as present or absent. Some mobile app lets you send text messages to the parents of absent students.

    • Manage Your Tutors:

You can set deadlines and assign tasks to your tutors. Besides, it is easy for you to perform simple payroll calculation.

And How Students Can Be Benefitted with Your Tuition Mobile App?

    • They Can Access the Tutor:

Whether they are at home or on the run, students need few “taps” to communicate with the tutor.

    • They Can Share Assignment, Videos and Images:

A tuition mobile app allows students share their notes, homework and assignment with a tutor. Besides, they can get assistance and inputs for exam preparation.

    • They Can Pay the Fee:

You can have a transaction feature in your mobile app to allow students make payments via multiple channels.

    • They Can Keep the Track of the Session:

An absentee can know about the lectures and activity of the class by checking the assignment and progress.

So you must have understood that how mobile apps help your tuition centre achieve growth. Besides, they allow student to communicate and exchange study material with the tutor. So, go ahead and combine your tutors’ expertise with a mobile app to thrive in the booming tuition industry in Singapore.

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