Digital Marketing for Businesses

Why Businesses in Singapore Need Digital Marketing to Grow?

Why care for digital marketing? How it will benefit my business? Does it improve my sale? Read here to know the answers of all these queries and how digital marketing is the right move for your business.

Did you know?

Over 80% people in Singapore have smartphone. 42% population in the nation use Internet to research the product and businesses before purchasing offline. One more startling fact—young people spend almost 3.4 hours a day on their mobile phones in Singapore.

This means that your business has a great opportunity to leverage ever increasing internet users in the nation. All you need a powerful medium to reach those potential customers. Here comes digital marketing!

You haven’t heard about digital marketing?

It is the promotion of your brand and services online through search engines, social media email and mobile apps. In simple words, it is an online counterpart of the traditional marketing, but with a difference.

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It is cost effective, powerful and result oriented medium to reach your target audience. Just go through the points given below to know how it takes your business to a new height…

You Can Have Everything Under Your Budget

Marketing is important for a business to reach the customers. In fact, it is a lifeline of any business. Creating a TV or newspaper advertisement can eat up a big part of your budget and there is no surety if they will attract the audience. And if you are a small business, you have to be particular about your expenditure on the means of marketing.

On the other hand, digital marketing is less expensive and more efficient than TV or print advertisement. You have plethora of online platforms where you can promote your businesses for a free. You have to pay only for website development and design, domain and hosting which is actually cheaper than a traditional advertising.

You Can Attract More People to Your Website

Another great benefit of online marketing is that it can attract your genuine audience in an easier way. For example, if you are a clothing business, you can post new collection photos regularly on your social medial platforms like Facebook and Google Plus to evoke the curiosity of your followers and other users. Even Instagram is becoming popular social media platform for brand promotion in Singapore.

You Can Turn Prospects into Your Loyal Customer

In the previous point, you have read how digital marketing attracts the potential customers. Once they are on your page, you have a good opportunity to turn them into your buyer or subscriber. Make sure you have a good page design, easy navigation features and captivating content to prompt that customer use or buy your services. Even by sharing informative articles on your website blog page attract customers for your business.

You Can Guess Your Customer’s Mood

Most customers are likely to post their comments about products on the social media sites and company’s website. This is why an online presence is the best way to know your customer’s needs as it can help you in dealing with negative reviews of your business. You can talk to them. You can know about their issues and provide solution accordingly. You can answer their queries. In this way, you can build a strong relationship and win over their trust. The customer will take you as an emotional human being, rather than the “cold and plain” corporate man trying to sell a product.

You Can Raise Your Brand Awareness

Digital marketing helps you establish your brand and promote your business locally easily. A digital marketer uses several platforms to increase the exposure of your brand so that more and more people (online users) know about it. For example, social media is used to post your product images and updates so that they can reach to the large numbers of the users. It is definitely beneficial for small businesses and start-up lacking budget for the promotions and certain live events.

You Can Track the Progress of Marketing Campaign

In digital marketing, you don’t need to rely on time-consuming surveys and research to know the customer’s response.

For example, Google Analytics, an online tool that tracks and reports web visitors, provides the statistics regarding the visitors to the website. Besides, Facebook Insight is a useful tool to know the engagement of the audience with your posts.

These real time analytic tools help you make smart decisions based on all the available information and user’s preferences. Also, you know the areas of improvement in your marketing campaign.

You Can See What Your Rivals are Doing

Where do you stand compared to your competition? Digital marketing helps you know the characteristics, strength and weakness of your current and potential rivals. Taking a sneak peak at their website is an easy way to do that. Besides, you can learn which keywords they have and what platforms they are using. Understanding the strategies used by your top competitors can provide you the insight and knowledge you require to get a competitive edge.

You Can Top the Search Engine Rankings

With millions of customers using search engines like Google each day, placing your brand on the top pages will put you ahead most of your rivals. This is because a user is likely to visit the top websites in search engine, thereby increasing your visibility and ranking in search engines. All you need to make your website responsive and well optimized.

So these are some of the top benefits of digital marketing for your business. Make sure to choose the reliable and experienced digital marketing agency to ensure the success of your business.

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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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