Why No One Comments On Your Blog

7 Reasons Why No One Comments On Your Blog In Singapore

There are various content marketing trends that dominated 2017, You may notice that your own blog has a high readership, high online visits, but still there are only a handful of people who leave a comment on your blog. This might make you get frustrated and think for a while that- are your blogs reaching out the audience or not.

How would you motivate people to comment on your blog? What methods, tricks, and powers of influence you should have? A silent blog can be discouraging, while an active blog is energizing. When people start driving in, sharing tips, start arguing, and having a discussion, you feel as if your blogging finally exists among your audience.
Here, in this article, we will explain some of the reasons why no one comments on your blog. Keep reading…

A Boring Writing Style

It’s a fact that a great content gets shared and commented on. Whereas, a boring content gets ignored. Are you struggling with ‘no-comment’ blog? If yes, then it might be due to- too many passive sentences, no strong verbs, Lack of anecdotes, and dry topics. Don’t just write what interests you, write by finding out what is engaging your readers. Spice up your writing style to make it more clear, concise, and personal.

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Ignoring Interaction

Are you ignoring that interaction part in your blog? If yes, then this might drive your visitors back. To be precise and making your content interactive, is an interestingly structured content capable engaging and educating an audience. Also, if anyone comments on your blog, do not ignore. Try to respond them back in order to win their interest.

Personal Flavor Is Missing

Remember! Your blog is a voice of your brand and business. The best blogs are those that come from a person. It means a blog written with a voice, emotion, passion, feeling, and experiences. If a personal flavor is missing in your content, then you may get no response to your blog. So, if you want comments to come, be personal!

Not Asking For Comments With An Engaging Question

Once you’re almost done with your article, you should try leaving a question for your readers. This is a way to encourage and welcome anyone to leave feedback about your article. Make sure that the question provokes to think and get an idea among your potential readers, and you can always include a few questions. No need to limit yourself!

Not Being Controversial

Sometimes, you need to go with a flow. Whatever is the relevant trend, hot topic, or current issue is going on; if you want to write about it, you should no matter how controversial the topic is. Never hesitate as strong people are not afraid to be opinionated. If you have a personal blog, you have the privilege to voice your worries, bring up issues, or go up against individuals. The more open you are, the more probable individuals are ready to react through comments.

Having A Bad Comment System

There are many blogs where you feel like commenting after reading. But, due to a broken comment system, you are unable to comment. It happens when the Captcha code isn’t working. Or, you are compelled to choose an avatar. Or, have to wait for the moderator to approve the comment. All of these factors are considered as comment killers. A good way to guarantee that you don’t have these issues is to stay with the basic commenting system. Use the default commenting system that comes with WordPress is quite good.

A Poor Site Design

If someone doesn’t like your site design, sorry to say, but they won’t even read the blog. So, there’s no point to leave a comment. Design your blog in such a way, that visitors feel like visiting your website to read whatever you’ve written. Also, you should show the comments made by other people to the new visitors visiting the blog. A well-designed website is the beginning stage of your blogging, and it includes comments section as well.

 Did we miss anything important? What other reasons can keep you off from commenting on a blog? Do share with us in the comment section given below!

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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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