Top 6 Must to Avoid Website Design Mistakes

Website Design Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make in 2018

Earlier we have discussed the “Top 5 SEO Tips for Singapore Digital Marketing Company in 2018” and in today’s article we will talk about must to avoid Web design mistakes in 2018.

Website design is your first impression! Why spoil it with some silly mistakes. Learn here the flaws you should eliminate from your website design this year.

Cluttered and messy page, confusing navigations and too small fonts to read—these are some ugly signs of a poor website design. And a user is left with no other option than to hit the “back” button. This is how poor web design kills user’s experience.

Therefore, poor web design may be one reason that your website didn’t get traffic throughout 2017, despite having great content and attractive offers.

Has 2018 brought the same fate to your website? Why not eliminate the mistakes from your web design?

Check Out Top 6 Must to Avoid Website Design Mistakes:

Your Website Doesn’t Tell Right Away Who You Are:

Your website should tell about your business from the very first webpage. So make sure to include your services, products, testimonials, awards and industry-affiliated on one page. This is because most users are not interested in navigating the web pages to explore the business. Then, web users are notorious for having a short attention span, even shorter than a goldfish.

Your Website is Not Mobile Responsive:

Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration rate in the world. It means that most Singaporeans use smartphone to surf web or make online purchases. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you are probably missing out a lot of customers. A mobile-friendly website looks attractive and works great on all devices, thereby enhancing user experience. Another reason is that Google prefers the mobile-friendly website, meaning that mobile responsive websites have good chances to rank.

Your Website Takes More Time to Load:

No matter how great your website looks, people will impatiently hit the back or close button if it takes more than 3-4 seconds to load. According to one survey, 40% users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. And 79% users are not willing to return to a slow loading website. Make sure your webpage load fast and provides a quick explanation of your business. Optimize heavy images, complex graphics, and marketing tags to make your webpage lighter. Remove auto-play videos from your homepage; it is better to place them on other pages.

You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool to optimize your website’s speed.

Your Website Fonts are Not Easier to Read:

Have you ever put excessive stress on eyes to read the tiny text on a website?

One of the common web design errors is a font that’s not easy to read. Keep your body text above 14px and use fonts like Open Sans, Sans Serif, Arvo, Lato and Abril Fatface. Sans Serif font is known for its great readability across all device types and a small size.

Your Website Have Cluttered Pages:

Resist the temptation of using excessive graphics, heavy chunks of text, clashing colors and confusing navigation tools. This visual clutter makes it difficult for the users to locate the info they want. Besides, it may risk your credibility. Therefore, keep your page simple and clean as possible.

Your Website Does Not Have Contact Info Easy to Find/Access:

64 percent want to contact the company once they land on its homepage. And 44 will leave the website if they don’t find phone number or contact info there. Many successful websites place their phone numbers over the top of their pages.

So these are some common web design mistakes you should not make in 2018.

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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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