Digital Marketing for Real Estate in Singapore: Why You Need It

Let’s forget for a while that you’re a real estate agent.

Imagine you are someone who wants to buy a house or someone who is looking to sell their home.

Which is the first thing you will use to meet your purpose?

Yeah, it would be the Internet.

It is common to search and list properties online.

The point is here that today’s real estate customers are likely to search online before taking other steps. This is especially true in Singapore where the use of the Internet is on the boom.

According to one study, Singapore had the second-highest rate of internet penetration within the Southeast Asian region. There are 4.8 million Singaporeans who use the Internet for everything, whether it’s looking for the cafes or exploring the property options in their desired neighbourhood.

In a nutshell, more and more Singaporeans are using the Internet when it comes to buying or selling property. Apart from seeing the listings, they can go through the video tours of the property.

Your real estate business needs a solid online presence to reach those customers and boost your brand awareness among them.

This is where digital marketing comes in.

Here we will discuss the benefits of a digital marketing strategy for real estate agents and other related aspects.

But first of all, here is a brief definition of digital marketing so that you know the things better.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an online counterpart of real-world marketing. As the name suggests, it is all about using digital channels such as the Internet, social media, websites, email and mobile apps to promote your product and services.

Why Should Real Estate Firms or Agents Hire Digital Marketing in Singapore


Understanding the Needs of Your Target Audience:

Not all home buyers have the same needs. Some look for apartments while some are after condos. Some prefer shophouses.

Digital marketing helps identify the specific needs of buyers.

For example, a digital marketing agency collects data showing you what kind of housing preferred by the customers and where as well as the latest housing trends.

This way, you can figure out the preferences and create your strategies accordingly. For example, if townhouses are in the trend, you can create a special webpage for that and infused it with the key phrases used by the customers. It will make your page appear in the top of search results whenever a similar search is made.

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Increasing Exposure and Sales:

Given that over 90% Singaporeans search and check the product quality online, you can’t afford to word of mouth marketing or a small classified in your daily. Having a business profile over social media and listing sites is crucial for your visibility. If you have little to no presence over the Internet, you are simply losing your leads and customers to your online competitor.


Suggesting New Ways to Impress Customers:

Digital marketing always keeps your real estate business ahead with the key trends popular among homebuyers. For example, a video tour of a property keeps your audience engaged and encourages them to buy the home.

No wonder why 64% of consumers purchase after viewing video tours. The property tour video can be uploaded to YouTube that is preferred by over 45% Singaporeans over TV. Email marketing is another important aspect that can boost your ROI by a whopping 4400%!

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Cost Efficiency:

Digital marketing budgets won’t make you break your bank. It is comparably affordable than traditional marketing like print, radio and TV.

In Singapore, the average cost to hire a digital marketing agency for your real estate is $1000 per month. And it takes you to pay $4,000 for a 120 seconds TV commercial and $200 for 30-60-second radio promotion.

Online marketing is not only significantly cheaper but also widen your outreach to the millions of online customers.

What to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore?

Hope you will be convinced to use an online marketing agency in Singapore to grow your real estate business.

But that doesn’t mean you randomly hire someone. Make sure to ask these questions to choose the right one:

  • What is your track record for real estate firms?
  • Who are/were your clients?
  • What digital marketing strategies you use to help my real estate domain?
  • How much it will cost?
  • How will you measure the success of my campaign?
  • What about the reporting process?

Let Our Digital Marketing Help Your Real Estate Firm in Singapore!

If you want the great answers to the abovementioned questions, look no further than KVR Singapore.

We are one of the reliable digital marketing agencies in Singapore and have worked with eminent clients, including those from real estates. We have expertise, skills, experience and tools to help your real estate business thrive. We are a trusted digital marketing agency for real estate agents!




We have worked with several property agents over the past years, making us experienced enough to understand the marketing needs in real estate.

Here is how we approach digital marketing needs of real estate firms or a property agent.

  • Understanding Your Needs So That We Can Build the Better Strategies
  • Choosing the Right People for Your Projects
  • Developing Long-Lasting Relationship with You
  • Maintaining Transparency in Process and Prices

Tools We Use to Initiate Online Marketing for Real Estate in Singapore

We use several digital marketing tools for real estate agents to maximize their visibility so that they can get more leads and sales.

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Google Adwords
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Online Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Lead Nurturing

Our Real Estate Case Study: How We Help This Client Top the Search Results

Sushma Buildtech, an Indian real estate developer, approached us to create a strong online presence as well as to get more audience attention amid the stiff competition. After understanding their needs, we crafted the following digital marketing strategies:

  • Using social media for building the brand presence
  • Launching Adword Campaigns for Lead Generation
  • Creating different micro-website portals.
  • Designing several high-quality banners.
  • Incorporating the latest functionalities on the website to make it more interactive.

We incorporated all these strategies and tweaked them from time to time. After a couple of months, we managed to bring Sushma Buildtech on the top with improved visibility.


Here’s How the Client Thanked Us

“I just created Sushma Builtech, you turned it to a BRAND…. All the best to KVR and God Bless!!

  • Prateek Mittal

Read the Complete Case Study Here!

Tap Into Our Digital Marketing to Maximize Your Real Estate Profit!

Don’t wait if you want to widen the visibility of your real estate business in Singapore. We have helped a lot of property agents with our personalized real estate online marketing strategy in Singapore. Contact us now!



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Author: Varun Sharma

Started working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world. His keynote expositions are based on the digital marketing theories, which provide a fascinating insight into the secrets of high performance.

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