8 Ways Mobile App Can Help in Your Business Growth

8 Ways Mobile App Can Help in Your Business Growth

From maximizing exposure, enhancing user experience to beating competition, learn here how mobile app takes your business to a new height.
Do you have a mobile app for your business? If not, you may be missing out a huge opportunity to expand your customer base AS…

• Singaporeans aged between 16 and 30 spend 3 hours on mobile phone in a day.
• Singapore has the fastest mobile app installation rate in Asia after Korea.
51.3% web traffic comes from mobile devices.
So, a mobile app is required to leverage the popularity of mobile apps among Singaporeans as people in Singapore keep on searching for trending food apps, real estate apps etc.

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Mobile apps are one of the important catalysts for business growth in this digital age, regardless of the size and type of your business.
Mobile apps enhance user experience and provide a quick and simple access to the services, thereby helping your business achieve growth.

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Here is How Mobile App Can Help in Your Business

Making Your Brand Visible to Customers at All Times:

Considering that average Singaporean spends 3 hours on mobile phone, your business can boost its exposure rate with a mobile app. A mobile app has your logo and name on it. Once the app is on their device, your brand is right there in front of the users.
Every time they scroll, use or unlock their devices, they come across your mobile app. It can benefit your company, as human mind unconsciously stores every visual detail it sees—even if it goes unnoticed. Simply put, your mobile app will keep reminding customers about you.

Being Cost Effective:

Getting a mobile app developed won’t hurt your budget. Luckily, there are plenty of software like BuildFire and GoodBarber where you can create a professional looking app by yourself, without any expertise.

Improving Your Customer Support:

Satisfactory after sale service is important for customer retention. However, it becomes challenging to provide support on the time due to busy lines, email failures and poor online access.
In this scenario, mobile app can be a reliable alternative to provide quick and real time customer support. For example, customer can drop their issues, queries and suggestions to your feedback box or chat widget of your mobile app. It helps you provide them a timely support.

Enhancing User Experience with Quick and Simple Features:

Another benefit with mobile apps is that they let people access your services within few swipes. For example, a customer book the room in one go with a hotel booking app. This is downright essential when most consumers want to avoid visiting multiple pages or steps to access the services.

Improving Customer Engagement:

Keep your customer engaged in order to get them closer towards your brand. It will benefit your business with increased sales, profitability and customer loyalty. And mobile app is a great tool to drive customer engagement. You can equip you mobile app with blogs, videos and location specific features to make it inviting for the users.

Helping You Gain Customer Insights with Available Data:

Mobile app also helps you understand consumer’s behaviour and feedback. It gives you an idea about demographics, bounce rate and total number of visitors in a day. This data helps you get valuable insights that in turn are useful while making decision.

Being a Useful Marketing Channel:

A mobile app provides information about your business; shows prices; provides booking forms and news feeds and creates accounts. All this info will be on consumer’s fingertips. Here you can use push notifications to remind the users about your special sales, services and new launches. So it is fair to say that mobile apps is your virtual salesperson to tell the customers about your services

Giving Competitive Edge to Your Business:

You can stay one step ahead of your competitors who are not using mobile app. In fact, very few small businesses have their own mobile app. So, it is a good opportunity for you to be first in your area to offer a mobile app to your consumers. And your customer will be amazed by this far-sighted approach, prompting them to think about your services. By the time your peers are realizing the importance, you will have a larger share in the market.

Bottom Line:

In this way, mobile apps aid your marketing efforts, improve your customer’s experience and generate ROI. However, make sure your mobile app provide the value to the customers and potential clients. If it is underdeveloped or doesn’t live up to the expectations, it just hurt your business with disappointed customers. So, consider the factors given below before developing mobile app.
Which mobile OS is right? Have I chosen right app development agency? What about design and UI? How will it help people?
Then, post-launch marketing strategies for app is equally important. With a right and useful app, you can win over customers.

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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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