Facebook Advertising in Singapore

A Guide to Facebook Advertising Campaign in Singapore

Make your Facebook Ad campaign successful and worth your investment with these tried and tested tips.

Singapore has 4,500000 active Facebook users. It means that more than 77 percent of Singaporeans use Facebook.

Being a digital marketer, this presents a huge opportunity for you to get a great ROI on your Facebook ads.

That’s said, stiff competition and unpredictable user behavior may impact the success rate of your Facebook Ad campaign. Dropping any kind of ad for any kind of people is like a shot in the dark. Remember, you invest your money and efforts in the creation of FB ads. Therefore, a strategic approach is required while planning your Facebook advertising. Only customer specific ads with attractive content get a click.

So, consider these things while planning a Facebook ad…

What makes a user click your ad? Where will they go or do after clicking your ad? Do your ads look appealing?

To make it easier, here we have come up with valuable points for you…

1. Do You Know Your Customers?

Imagine you are selling men’s shoes. But your ad appeals to everyone—including women and kids. If it doesn’t get in the front of the right audience (men), your campaign won’t be that successful.

It is just like the game of darts where you get huge score by hitting the bull’s eye. Likewise, you need to identify your target audience and reach to them. In short, aim to reach the right audience. Here’s how you can define the right target audience

  • Who is likely to buy your products?
  • What do they do?
  • Do they have a budget to buy your products?
  • What are their concerns and how your product can resolve them?
  • How your competitors take care of them?

Well, this is just a rough idea to identify your target audience. It will require a rigorous approach to identify and find the right people. Your ad will be created on the basis of inputs churned out from that research.

2. Be Careful with Your Call to Action:

This is a key part of your Facebook Ad which convinces people to click. To make sure your CTA doesn’t fall flat, here are things to practice…

  • Keep CTA to the point as people have a short attention span. For example, “Find Cabs Near You” is crispier and attention grabber.
  • Talk about benefits, not product.
  • Ask a question. For example—– Do You Want to Boost Your Sales This Quarter?
  • Use negative words—For example—Google Plus is Dead. Now What?
  • Use phrases like Free, Snag, Grab, Start and Activate. Here you can find some more.

3. Track Your Campaign Progress:

How your ads are performing? Are you meeting your goals? This is why you should track your campaign results. Most successful ad campaigns are goal specific. For example, if the goal of your ad is to boost ROI, look at sales figures. If your motive is to promote your blog, look at blog traffic in terms of bounce rate, retained visitors, purchase and newsletter subscription. Facebook Ads Manager includes some of these metrics. Besides, you use Google Analytics reports for other statistics.

4. Know the Right Way to Conduct A/B Test:

In A/B test, two variants of the same thing are tested or experimented to find the better one. In Facebook A/B split test, there are many variables and factors that affect the success of the campaign. This can be overwhelming. Instead of taking all things at once, aim to focus on the key elements given below:

  • Ad Imagery
  • Target Audience
  • Ad Copy
  • Call to Actions

Create some variables of aforesaid elements to see which works better.

5. Work Over Your Landing Page:

The last thing you should worry about is your landing page. Despite having a successful Facebook advertising campaign, you may not get results with a poorly designed landing page. After all, it is the page where your audience land as soon as they click the ad. Make sure to optimize it by considering the checklists given below.

  • A landing page should be responsive for both mobiles and tablets. This is because 90% of Singaporeans access the Internet via a smartphone.
  • It must deliver what your ad promises.
  • It should load quickly.

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We hope that this guide will help you make your Facebook ad campaign more result oriented. Want to say something else? Please do it by commenting below.

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