10 Ways to Promote Your Mobile Apps in Singapore

10 Smart Ways to Promote Your Mobile Apps in Singapore

How will people discover your mobile app in the sea of thousands similar apps? The answer lies in marketing! See how these 10 strategies can earn you customer’s attention for your freshly launched mobile app.

10 Ways to Promote Your Mobile Apps in Singapore

Singapore has the fastest mobile app installation rate in Asia after Korea, according to Google Data. Singaporeans use mobile app for wide range of activities, whether it’s finding a property, exploring or finding tuition in neighbourhood.

Over 90% people in the nation have smartphone. Plus, Singapore is known for its overwhelming internet speed and government support for IT sector. All these things make you optimistic about your new mobile app launched in Singapore.

Despite these favorable factors in the nation, it is challenging to make your mobile app a success for many reasons. Firstly, you have to compete with thousands of similar apps in an app store. How will you acquire the users and retain them for longer?  How your app will stand out in the sea of already available apps?

Remember, the success of your mobile app depends on its reach to the audience. This is why marketing is extremely crucial to give your app recognition in stiff competition.

#1 Consider App Store Optimization (ASO)

SEO is done to improve the visibility and ranking of your website. Similarly, ASO or app store optimization is required to improve your app visibility and traffic in app stores. Or you can say that ASO is a type of SEO for your mobile app. It is important as most users search app using keywords, just like they search website or content over the Internet. And app store optimization targets relevant keywords and keyword density in your app description.

For example, if you have published a “health and fitness” app, an ASO expert will find the relevant keywords to make the app visible in searches.

#2 Create a Micro-Site:

What about building a dedicated micro website for your prospective mobile app? It is basically a 2 or 3 pages website that works well for mobile and laptop screens.  It will help you promote your app and spread the words about it. A micro-site for your app will have everything, from the links back to your app page to the trailers explaining the function and purpose of the app. It will evoke a curiosity in your audience about your upcoming app. You can also invite them to sign up your newsletter so that you can send them frequent update.

#3 Promote it Through Your Regular Blog Section:

Besides building a micro site for your mobile app, including it in your blog posts is another marketing strategy you can leverage.

You can do it by building a purely promotional blog post about your app or giving a call to action at the end of every blog post to prompt the reader to download the app. Make sure to provide complete information about your mobile app. Let the readers know how this app can simplify the things for them.

It is better if you provide app links, screenshots and videos for an easy explanation.

#4 Plan a Social Media Strategy:

Needless to say social media is a breakthrough promotion platform for all product, content and services. Although social presence and promotions are practically free, you should work over your strategy frequently to get maximum outputs. Keep these basic things in your mind while promoting your mobile app on social media:

  • Create a dedicated business page and add frequent and relevant posts
  • Use images, small videos, GIFs, and illustrations, apart from text.
  • Keep your audience engaged with frequent comments and shares.
  • Have a dedicated team to look after your mobile app’s social media page
  • Join developers and entrepreneurs groups on social media and ask them to review your mobile app

You can use any platform like Facebook or instagram for your brand promotion.

#5 Create and Share App Video:

Video contents are taking today’s digital marketing by storm. This is because they are more engaging than texts or images. Besides, they can explain the things better when a user doesn’t want to go through a large piece of a text. A person can watch video on the run and can get an idea about your app easily. From animated video, stop motion video or live broadcast video, there are many options to choose from. Be creative with whatever you choose and post them on your social media channels.

#6 Use Mobile App Review Websites:

 By submitting your apps to app review sites, you fulfil two goals. Firstly, you can raise app brand awareness, because any mobile app needs recognition at the beginning of its life cycle. Secondly, it helps a mobile app to be ranked better on the Google Play Store because of the several inbound links from those sites, linking to an app’s page on the store.

Generally, an app review website assesses your mobile app on the basis of graphics, originality, mechanics, themes, art, loading time and stability. Many users visit these review sites to find out which apps are worth downloading on the basis of such reviews.

 #7 Outreach Influencers:

Influencers, as the name suggests, are the individuals having influence over potential customers. They guide them and affect their buying decisions. They can be marketing experts, bloggers, or industry leaders. Choosing them to promote your product is one of the most powerful marketing methods. It is useful for relationship development, link building and promotion. For example, you can have a well-known marketing personality or speaker to promote your mobile apps. And good thing is that some of them can do it for free. There are many tools you can use to find right influencer for your mobile app like Buzzsumo, EmailHunter.co, Klear and Klout.

#8 Use Press Release for Viral Exposure:

Press release is an effective tool to promote your newly published mobile app. How your app can help people in doing specific thing? Why it is being released now? What are the benefits of using the app? Include these things in your press release. Choose a good platform to publish your press release so that you get a sufficient viral exposure.

#9 Include App in Your Emails:

 If you are not including your app in your promotional or business emails, you may be missing out a good opportunity. So, make sure email, newsletter or payment confirmation email from your side include footer with some promotional lines about your mobile app along with a link redirecting towards the download page.

#10 Generate a Paid Ad Campaign:

Done right, a well-planned paid ad campaign will help you to target prospective customers on the basis of demographic, age, region and interests. As an added bonus, you can see immediate results with paid ads. Your paid ads are usually shown to users on the sides, tops, or bottom of web pages. Therefore, paid ad campaign can be useful for your mobile app.

So these are the tried and tested ways to promote your mobile apps. Do you feel we have missed out any important point? Please do let us know by commenting below.


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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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