Halloween Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales in Singapore

4 Best Halloween Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales in Singapore.

Boost the visibility of your business with these Halloween specific marketing ideas.

Halloween has become one of the popular events in Singapore. It offers fun and thrill with creepy decorations, tasty treats and, of course, horrible costumes.

As a marketer or a business, have you ever thought Halloween could be a great opportunity to boost the visibility of your brand?

In other words, this scary holiday is the right time to market your business.

All you need to imply clever campaigning that could go well with the theme and mood of the halloween festival.

Here’s how…

1. Add Halloween Themed Elements and Content:

From your website to social media pages, you can jazz up your online presence with Halloween themed content or elements. For example, you can use Halloween themed banner, spooky fonts, spider webs and animated features on your website. This way, you can paint your website in the Halloween spirit.

Create content according to the people’s requirements regarding Halloween. For example, art, crafts, and stationery supply stores can share mini-tutorials on how to make Halloween decorations. Restaurants can give Halloween twist to their cocktails or recipes. A financial planner can share how to budget for Halloween holidays. Security services can share how to stay safe while playing trick-or-treating.

All you need to think about what customers are likely to do in the weeks before Halloween.

You can dress up your social media profiles in a similar way. Change the cover image to something spooky. And it is a great opportunity to sell in an engaging way to your customers.

2. Run Contests on Social Media:

Halloween is a great opportunity to engage the users with your content over social media. For example, you can invite them to share photos of their Halloween decorations or their recipes. Make sure to run these contests on your top social media outlets, and make entry conditional to use of particular hashtags, and contestants liking and sharing the post. It will help you expose your brand to a new audience, which shared posts have a better chance of achieving. You can either reward the top contestants, or have one main prize, but it is better if you offer all contestants a discount voucher or a coupon.

3. Sponsor a Local Event:

Sponsoring a local event is a great way to earn exposure. From a haunted house, fall festival, costumes, Zombie run to trick or treating, there are many occasions or events you can advertise your business at. Even you can drive the attendees to your booth with a giveaway or treat if you are not selling a product on the spot. For example, you can create a themed beverage or props for people watching the event.

4. Pick the Right Timing:

When to run your Halloween themed marketing campaign?

Well, it should be neither too earlier nor too late. Simply put, the campaign shouldn’t be run months before Halloween or on the exact day. According to Google Trends data, the searches for the term Halloween is on the rise during the week leading up to Halloween. On the basis of this data, here are things helping you pick the right timing for Halloween online campaign.

  • Run promotional offers and special discounts for Halloween in the last week of October.
  • Publish blog posts, social media content and email marketing throughout October.
  • Google Ads campaign can be run throughout October.

So these are the ideas helping your business get a great exposure this Halloween. Want to share your own ideas with us? Please let us know by commenting below!!!

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