Social Media Post Ideas for ThanksGiving

Thanksgiving Social Media Post Ideas for Small Business in Singapore

Convert Thanksgiving into a great opportunity to boost your social media marketing with these tips.

Singaporeans have been open to the culture and festivities of the west, including Thanksgiving. The national holiday of America is also gaining popularity in Singapore. Thanksgiving is an occasion to “thank for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.”

It is celebrated with enthusiasm with lots of dishes like potato, green bean casserole and turkey being the key item on the menu.

And it can be a great opportunity to increase your conversion and shares on social media. This is because people are usually in a festive mood and use social media to make purchases. All you need to add Thanksgiving spirit to your social media posts to engage them.

Run a Contest:

The contest attracts the people, no matter if they come for fun sake. Even a simple content can help you attract people towards your post.

Run a Contest

For example, invite them to upload their Thanksgiving celebration photos. Or ask them some simple questions. What about holding a photo competition on Instagram? Or a poll can be generated over Facebook about their favorite recipes.

This way, you not only engage them, but expand your brand’s reach. Reward the winners with a discount voucher, coupon or your merchandise item.

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Post Videos of Thanksgiving Celebration:

How are your employees preparing for Thanksgiving? You can post the videos of their celebration and responses over Facebook and Instagram. Or you can shoot a video where employees are sharing their memorial Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to include humor or fun!

Employees are likely to share those videos with their near and dear ones on social media. Your brand will be exposed to more people.

Tell About Thanksgiving Events in Singapore:

From picnics to dinners, there will be several Thanksgiving events to be organized across the nation. And you can interact with your audience by posting about such events. Mention the highlights of those events.

Use Festive Hashtags:

Whether you are creating a post for Facebook or Instagram, make sure to use a relevant hashtag for your brand. Using the right hashtag can help get your posts in front of prospective shoppers over social media platform. In other words, hashtags increase your reach significantly. Online tools like and all-hashtag help you find trending hashtags for Thanksgiving.

Use Hash Tags

However, too many hashtags in a sentence can create clutter and affect the readability. For example, recommend amount of hashtags for Twitter is up to 2 while you can use over 11 hashtags on Instagram.

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Ask the Followers to Create a Post for You:

User-generated content can benefit your marketing plan. Not only do you get unique content, it actually delivers more engagement and exposure to your post. It can be an effective asset for your campaign if used properly. No wonder that 85% of users find UGC content more convincing than brand videos or images. From sharing their memories to thanking someone, there are many ways users can drop their content.

Ready to Kick-Start Your Thanksgiving Campaign for Social Media?

These tips would help you create better social media posts for Thanksgiving. It is equally important to create quality posts to get engagement and conservation as well. This blog can help you creating great social media posts to improve customer satisfaction, no matter if the campaign is for Thanksgiving or Halloween.

Do you want to ask anything else? Or you have some fantastic social media idea for Thanksgiving? Please share with us by commenting below (and happy Thanksgiving Day in advance.)

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