Best Functional Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mom Will Love It! Best Functional Gifts for Mother’s Day

Don’t be confined to greeting cards or photo frames this Mother’s Day. Make your mom’s life easier with these wonderful gift ideas.

Mother’s Day is round the corner in Singapore. You must be finding a mindboggling gift for your dear mama. Right?

From a vase, perfume to a wraparound ring, there are thousands of things you can choose from to gift her. But it won’t be an easy decision to make. After all, the present should be perfect for the world’s best mom.

Why always mother think of gifting Why not gift her something that makes her life convenient, especially if she is a working woman? The gifts should be functional which can be used in routine life, rather than being a mere piece of showcasing.

Here we have listed such gift ideas that are not only practical, but also go well with her lifestyle. And these things won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Let’s see what you can wrap up for your mom this Mother’s day!

Fitbit Alta HR for Your Fitness Freak Mom!

Is your mom a fitness enthusiast

Fitbit Alta HR makes a perfect gift for her. It is a wristband being equipped with many striking features. This gorgeous looking device tracks heart rate, steps, distance and calories. It also helps determine the cardio fitness level over time. The other features are smartphone notifications, auto sleep tracking and wireless syncing.

Fitbit Alta HR

Doss SoundBox If Your Mom is Fond of Melodies!

We insist you to purchase Doss Soundbox for your music loving mom. Doss Soundbox is a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker with a high definition stereo sound. Whether your mom is at home or outdoor, she can play her favourite tracks connecting the speakers with her smartphone via Bluetooth.

Doss SoundBox

Cornell Electric Slow Cooker Encourages a Chef Within Her!

Cornell Electric Slow Cooker is a multifunction cooking pot that allows steaming, slow cooking and pressure cooking. It means that she doesn’t need separate appliances for making rice, stews and soups. The slow cooker ensures you a delicious “Mother’s Day”.

Cornell Electric Slow Cooker

RC A18 Aroma Diffuser Helps Her Scent Up the Home!

This also makes a great gift for Mother’s Day. RC A18 Aroma spreads spa like fragrance across your living spaces. The pleasant fragrance will promote relaxation and sleep; elevates the mood; soothes pain and repels insects.

RC A18 Aroma Diffuse

In short, RC A18 helps your mom make home more inviting, more pleasing.  RC A18 lasts up to eight hours and is available in 2.5 litter capacity.

MIUVO Electric Massager Relaxes Her After a Hard Day:

After a day of household chores or hectic workplace schedule, your mom experiences sheer exhaustion with muscle aches. That’s why we recommend you gift her compact electric massager from MIUVO.

MIUVO Electric Massager

MIUVO all in one massager is useful for neck, shoulder and muscle pain. It massages with a soothing heat. Actually it is a massage pillow that fits behind neck, shoulders, calf and other parts of the body. Your mama will say you thank for this soothing gift!

So these are the wonderful and functional gifts for mother’s day. Whatever you choose, it is for sure that these gadgets will make your mom life convenient and easier.

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