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Top 3 SEO Tools for Keyword Research and Analysis

When it comes to reaching the majority of potential customers, one needs to select the targeted keywords. It’s a very cut throat competition to get more targeted keywords for your website. If the right keyword with the most noteworthy potential for return are not chosen, the base of the campaign will not be strong and, subsequently, success is almost unimaginable.

According to me, picking the right target keywords constructs the establishment for a whole SEO campaign and will also help in boosting your website conversion rate. With a specific end goal to choose the right keywords, information must be collected and analyzed so that the projections on return can be made.

To target keywords, Keyword research is a must!

It is a standout amongst the most imperative factors of thriving internet marketing, which many people ignore.

Keyword research ought to be a part of the online marketing activities, for example, article writing, blogging, video marketing, website optimization, or pay per click marketing.

As keyword research has substantial influence in Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO, it is frequently asked, ‘what are Keywords and why are they so important?’ So, below we have briefed what we know…

What are Keywords?

Keywords, known as the backbone of SEO, are words or phrases that potential clients use to find data through a search engine like Google, MSN, and so on. These words are really written into the search engines when individuals are searching for, or researching on products or topics.

When the outcomes are returned and the list of sites and their respective descriptions come up on the screen. It is because those sites are the closest match to the words and phrases that were written. Thus, Keywords are a vehicle that can fetch loads of targeted traffic to your site.

There are three types of Keywords that one must know;

  • Broad Match Keywords
  • Exact Match Keywords
  • Phrase Match Keywords

Why the keywords are so important?

The use of keywords is important in all types of online marketing content like – blogs, articles, video, images, and pay-per-click (PPC). If you are selling anything online, you should consider the keywords, as a very important tool.

Using the right keyword is important for the internet marketer to get the web clients to find your product.

The right placement of keywords in your promoting content is important to getting a good or bad ranking of your article, blog, or video on the web search tool.

The keywords should be there in your title, and should be mentioned a few timed in the body of your marketing content for the best ranking. As keywords are really important for the website, Google recently extended the limit for meta tags. But, remember not to repeat the keywords for too many times as it can diminish your ranking.

So, now comes the Keyword research and Analysis…

Keyword research and analysis is a standout amongst the most essential parts of search engine marketing. If you need your site to rank high in the significant web crawlers, keyword research and analysis is utmost important.

Without doing the best possible keyword research and analysis before choosing keywords for your website will trouble your site to let down. By targeting the wrong keyword phrases, your online business is troubled to fizzle from the very start.

How to Find The Best Keywords For Your Website?

Not all sites are made equivalent according to Google. A few sites have a harder time ranking than others. So, how would you locate the best keywords for your site, given its unique ability to rank?

To find the best keywords for SEO that your site will really have the ability to rank for, you should first understand your site’s Competitive Power. And afterward, Start your hunt for SEO keywords like finding keywords;

  • that pulls in the right website visitors
  • that has a lower cost for every click on Google AdWords
  • for which you effortlessly can get high rankings
  • that your competitors use
  • that conveys the best (ROI) return-on-investment

Focusing your efforts on low competitive keywords that are within your site’s Competitive Power will save your time and effort on pointless interests. Isn’t that good?

Apart from this, there are myriad ways available to find the best keywords, and below mentioned are the popular keyword research tools;

1) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a standout amongst the most commonly mentioned tools with regards to keyword suggestions. This tool depends on AdWords system where search  engines can calculate your competitiveness, volume, and cost for each keyword.

Google Keyword Planner


The keyword planner tool was designed for advertisers, however, its information is nowadays very helpful for SEOs. When we talk about competition and volume,  it depends on paid search not the organic one. Google basically focuses for PPC. So, unless you put some cash in paid campaign, you can’t get great results.

When it comes to getting a great idea, this tool is a good option.

So, by using the Google Keyword Planner you can explore:

  • Keyword based ideas on a phrase, product category, or landing page
  • Monthly search volume for a particular period
  • Search volume trends for a single keyword or group of keywords after some time

You can also read: 7 Ways Google Adwords Can Help in Boosting Your SEO

2) SEM Rush

This is an online tool that gives you a chance to dig up good keywords, or you can likewise put in the URL of a site, and it would show all the keywords that a site is ranking for. A smart idea is to begin by picking the top blogs in your niche and add it to see which Keyword those websites are ranking for. From here, you simply need to begin building superb and high quality content around those keywords.

SEM Rush Keyword Research Tool


It will give you an exact information permitting you to copy the competition strategy. SEMRush demonstrates all the keywords ranking of a site and their present positions in Google together with the traffic they bring and numerous other helpful details. It is an incredible approach to get some new keyword ideas that no other tool can show up.

3) Google Instant Search or Google Annotations

This one is not a tool, but a way to track your success by doing SEO efforts. It really guesses what you’re going to search for and show outcomes as you write. It uses Google’s auto-complete technology to show anticipated searched terms in a drop-down box, and starts to show a list below. It helps in finding new keywords and checking the stats. of your site.

Google Instant Search or Google Annotations


This is a very crucial technology for businesses because it helps in finding those keywords which  are very important for your business, but some of the tools fail to identify them because of less searches done on keywords. So, if you are researching on keywords, do not forget to include Google Annotations to get the best results.

Out of these three, which tool do you think is outstanding when it comes to boosting the rank of your website quickly. Do share with us in a comment box given below. Also, queries are welcomed.

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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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