Google's Mobile First Indexing

Mobile Indexing Experiment- Google’s Very First Step for Mobile Version Websites

On 4th November 2016, Google reported that it has started testing its mobile first Index. This implies Google will basically look at the mobile version of your site to figure out where a page ought to rank for a particular search query. If there is no mobile version, it will then fall back on the desktop type of the domain.

Google clarified their reason by expressing that versatile hunt have surpassed desktop searches for some time. According to statistics, it’s been observed that there are more than 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2016. Also, Mobiles have become an essential part of an SEO system for a while now. However, this underlines a mobile first SEO technique.

This is to inform you that prior Google used to concentrate on the desktop version of the site to assess a ranking of the page in Google and now, Google will rather concentrate on the content, links, and organized information of the mobile version– when accessible.

Here are some brisk tips from Google with respect to this change:

  • If you have a responsive site with the same content across mobile and desktop, you shouldn’t need to change anything.
  • If you have a site where the essential content and markup is not the same across mobile and desktop, you ought to think about rolling out as some improvements to your site.
  • Make a point to serve organized markup for both the desktop as well as mobile versions.
  • Google prescribes using the Structured Data Testing Tool to confirm the proportionality of structured markup across desktop and mobile by writing the URLs of both adaptations into the Structured Data Testing Tool and comparing the output.
  • When adding structured information to a versatile site, avoid including a lot of markup that isn’t significant to the particular information content of every document.
  • Use the robots.txt testing tool to confirm that your mobile version is open to Googlebot.
  • Websites don’t need to roll out improvements to their canonical links.
  • If you are a website owner, who has just confirmed their desktop site in Search Console, please include and check your mobile version.
  • If you just have a desktop site, Google will keep on indexing your desktop site fine and dandy.
  • If you are building a mobile version of your site, remember that a useful desktop-oriented site can be superior to a broken or partial mobile version of the site. It’s better for you to develop your portable site and launch it when all set.

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We’ll soon update you the anticipation of this change, till then keep reading our latest blogs posts. Meanwhile, if you have any doubt or query, do drop us in a comment box given below!

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Author: Varun Sharma

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