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How to Rank Yourself on Google with the New Algorithms?

If you are a content creator, you must have tried multiple times figuring out the google algorithms. By definition, ‘algorithm’ is a set of rules that needs to be followed while problem-solving or critical conditions especially by a computer. So, if it’s a computer task why is it necessary for humans to understand the algorithms? Because algorithms also help to understand human behavior in your niche. This information is imperative if you are aiming to rank higher on google. Google keeps on changing its algorithms, and it is essential to remain updated. Lately, it again changed its algorithm game. So below are the most necessary five things that you should know if you are willing to rank higher on Google in 2021.

1 Creating Valuable Content

creating valuable content

Google is now augmentation of proliferated knowledge. You cannot hope to rank higher if you are writing something very general. People are looking for specific, niche-oriented knowledge. For example: ‘Top 10 fastest cars in the world under $13,000’ would rank much higher than ‘Top 10 fastest car in the world.’ The difference is that the former is more specific while the latter is general. Writing valuable content and then marketing it effectively is the right process of ranking higher on google.

2 Inserting Local Citations


A good number of backlinks work as the spine of a good piece of content. It helps to rank higher on Google. Google gladly promotes content that has enough backlinks. On top of that, you make Google happy whenever you are using backlinks that are very niche-oriented and are local. For example, you can insert links to your nearby car showrooms in the above example of ‘Top 10 fastest cars in the world under $13,000’. Also, you may insert the links to similar blogs that are written by the writers of your region.

3 On Page SEO

It is crucial to understand and to know what people are looking for exactly in your niche. You must know your ideal target audience from the inside out. For this, you should use keyword finders like Moz, google keyword finder, SEM rush, etc. Find out in-depth what your ideal audience is looking for and provide the exact information.

4 Conversion and User Experience


Google defines the user experience in terms of the time duration your website is taking to upload. A website is pushed ahead if it is loading on the phone and desktop within one second and three seconds. User experience is extremely important. As soon as your website opens, there must be something that should keep the visitors hooked enough to scroll your website till the bottom. There are high chances of conversion if a visitor stays on your website. It is not only about the aesthetics of the website but it is about the path that a visitor is following once he/she lands on the website.


So, in 2021 ranking high and maintaining that rank will not only be about creating good content. Rather, it will include creating valuable and specific content. You must be very clear about your target audience. Further, you should actively promote people of your industry by inserting links to their content that is aligned with your content. Frankly, no one can exactly tell you how to rank higher on google because the algorithms are changing very rapidly. Above were some of the proven measures as per our experience. However, you need to experiment to explore what works best for you. We hope this post helped you in some way.


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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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