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Why Ecommerce SEO is As Beneficial as Other Online Marketing Methods

Any online store out there needs a high volume of quality traffic to succeed. This is generally achieved through various marketing and advertising methods such as paid social media ads, paid search engine ads, and social media marketing.

But SEO or Search Engine Optimization is often overlooked as an important part of any online business marketing strategy. This is generally because other methods ensure a more immediate source of traffic.

However, there are several advantages of SEO that make it equally valuable than other marketing and advertising methods.

In this blog, we will walk through the key benefits of investing time and resources in SEO for your online store.


A good SEO strategy for e-commerce guarantees that the online store or specific products are positioned organically in the first places of Google, Bing or Yahoo!

To do this, you must previously select the appropriate keywords, which will optimize each of the categories, content and pages of the online store.

To achieve the established positioning objectives, it must be perfectly optimized, since only in this way can it be positioned within the search engines and it will be able to stand out from those online stores that are not.

Search engine optimization guarantees greater profitability than any other digital marketing and advertising strategy, so you can keep your store in the first search results for a certain time.

SEO is a cost-effective alternative to PPC

Although PPC advertising can be a successful way to build brand awareness, it can be quite expensive in the long run.

The fact is, while many online stores think advertising is a great way to drive sales, depending on the industry and level of competition, PPC can lead to a relatively high cost per acquisition, reducing ROI.

Plus, part of the problem with PPC advertising is that it requires constant investment. Again, in the long run, this tactic can be quite expensive.

However, e-commerce SEO is, in itself, a long-term strategy that helps sellers drive high-value traffic consistently, even if they stop investing. Don’t miss out on reading about 7 key factors for success in e-commerce.

Therefore, focusing on generating sales through e-commerce SEO allows online merchants to reduce their customer acquisition costs and increase their return on investment. Also, since e-commerce SEO aims to attract visitors who are already interested in a specific product, it has a higher chance of converting.

Another benefit of using SEO as a PPC alternative is that if retailers are successful in their efforts, they are likely to achieve relatively high rankings for the target keywords and phrases, eliminating the need to bid on those terms when shopping.

That said, while SEO is indeed a cost-effective alternative to PPC advertising, they don’t need to compete with each other. In fact, integrating PPC and SEO is often a powerful recipe for generating higher marketing ROI.

Increasing Your Brand Visibility:

Imagine that instead of your online store, you had established a brick and mortar store. For some reason, you were not able to make the storefront attractive yet. How do potential customers know that your store exists? If you want them to visit your shop, you have to tell them that you do exist.

SEO addresses this issue for online stores. It lets your customers know that you are there, by taking your store higher in the ranking, making your online storefront more attractive. Being in the top results improve your brand visibility and awareness.

Generating Quality Traffic:

Keyword research is the heart and soul of SEO practices. Generally, this involves picking the keywords that are relevant to your online store. If you use those keywords successfully, chances are you can see high volumes of visitors who are actually looking to buy your products.

For example, your online store sells cycles.

Your targeted search term will be “buy cheap cycles” or more specifically “buy imported sports cycles” if you buy the ones.

This can increase the number of visitors to your online stores, and also help you find visitors who can buy your products. The more particular keywords you choose, the more relevant traffic you can generate for your store.

Using Product Photos to Boost Ranking:

Like any e-commerce site, you must have those attractive images of your products.

These products not only appeal to the customers but also boost your ranking. Optimizing these images are also a part of SEO. Generally, ALT TAG is used to add descriptions and keywords to the images of your website so that they can appear when someone uses similar search terms. For example, if someone types “blue fur jackets” in images and you have the same jackets equipped with alt tags, chances are your products can appear in the image results.

Gaining Competitive Edge:

So far, you must have read how SEO helps your e-commerce business improve your ranking, traffic and brand visibility. All these benefits help you beat your competition.

Check the competitions and find out suitable keywords that your competitors are using to drive traffic.

Here, SEO can be useful. If there are any set of most used keywords or phrases your competitors are ranking for, they can incorporate them into your pages. Besides, these keywords can be used to create content to attract your potential customers.

The Bottom Line:

SEO plays important role in the success of your online business.

By making the most of on-site optimization strategies, content marketing techniques, optimizing digital experiences for mobile devices, and implementing other tactics designed to elevate a brand in the SERPs, you can attract more visibility, leading to more sales.

If your business is ready to make its presence felt online and reaches its target audience through search engines, contact the e-commerce SEO specialists at KVR.

Our team of seasoned SEO professionals can help you identify the strengths and opportunities available to successfully propel your brand to a prosperous position in the SERPs.

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Author: Varun Sharma

Started working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world. His keynote expositions are based on the digital marketing theories, which provide a fascinating insight into the secrets of high performance.

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