Technologies That Make Singapore Smart Nation

Technology Upgrades in Singapore Making It A True Smart Nation

Do you know that Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative is not something new? It was officially launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 24 November 2014. And now the nation is internationally recognised. In fact, the city-state ranks first in the Global city performance index 2017.

Whether it is about smart mobility, healthcare, safety, or convenient administrative services, Singapore is an indisputable leader. And this can be felt through the changes you might have spotted in the daily routine.

Yes, those sci-fi movies about machines and androids enslaving humanity, now seems to be turning true. Even Singapore has designed various amazing gadgets.

7 Advanced Technologies in Singapore:

Here we have listed some of the technological advancements which define Singapore as a SMART NATION in true sense. Have a look:

1. Drones Make It Safer:

Getting catch hold of bad guys is easier now. With Singapore Police using drones for surveillance law enforcements gets all new heights. The new drones come with sirens, a searchlight which is ten times more powerful than a car headlight, and an audio warning system with a 100m range. Hence, it benefits police with more mobility and can follow the targets, conducting aerial searches. In the similar queue, patrol bots have be deployed at public events to navigate pre-planned paths on their own.

Even drones are popular among the photographers as it can help them to get a perfect shots.

2. Pay via QR Codes:

From several years you might be paying at fancy restaurants or retail shops using ATM cards. But now the good thing is that if ever you realise that you’re all out of notes and cannot run to the nearest ATM, you can now pay with your phone. Yes, that’s right. You will easily find QR code systems implemented at hawker centres which works with various mobile banking apps. Moreover, there are companies like NETS planning to expand the system to more than 120 hawker centres.

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3. Fitness Bands or EZ-Link Cards:

To keep a track of your various bodily functions and time, you can count on a good fitness band. But that’s not all. As these bands can now be used on your next bus or MRT trip. The collaboration of EZ-Link with two tech companies brings for the fitness bands which comes embedded with EZ-Link chips. These could be topped up with any other EZ-Link card, and you can use your wallet when tapping in or out of a ride.

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4. Auto Driven cars:

Now there is a possibility to enjoy your next weekend trip across Singapore in your car without a driver. Simple, your car turns into your driver. All credit goes to the vehicles which have been given a dose of self-driving technology. So there is possibility for these cars to move around on their own similar to a real driver. And don’t worry for the safety. These have been tested already for years intensely. There are number of reputed organisations like the Land Transport Authority and Nanyang Technological University, performing plenty of testing in closed circuits and on public roads.

5. Advanced Lamp Posts:

Following the recent technological renovations, even the lamp posts are going to get an upgrade. Yes, you read that right. Singapore is planning for a vast network of street lights with sensors and analytics systems. As far as the purpose behind is concerned, the technology will allow these smart lamp posts to gather data such as vehicle traffic, weather conditions, and unusual sounds like car crashes or screams. In fact, these will he be helpful in guiding the self-driving vehicles stated in above mentions point.

6. HDB Home Systems:

There is testing going on with new smart home initiatives. During one of the testing phase, these systems were found to be assistive to monitor the movement of elderly family members in the home. Utilising sensors these notified users if the elders were in distress or not. Along this, these were helpful in tracking the usage of various household appliances, allowing users turn appliances on or off remotely, and sent mobile notifications when appliances were left on with nobody at home.

7. Robots Enter Mainstream:

Though Singapore has been introducing robotic staff into the workforce, chances are they will become more common in coming days. Developed by students and staff from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, “RoboCoach”, is meant to provide physical training to the elderly. Now the duties of these robots will not be limited to the fetching and returning of service items. They are good at imitating human movements, and all set to change the concept.

Which excites you the most among them?

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