Negative Effects of Technology on Children

Negative Effects of Technology on Children & How to Prevent That

Here we have come up with some negative effects of technology on kids along with the ways to deal with them.

Today’s kids in Singapore are more tech savvy than those of past generations. This is because…

It is clear that technology has become an essential part of kids in Singapore.

“Many Singaporean kids – from as young as 7 or 8 – already have access to a smartphone or device. The habit grows from there. By their teens, most kids are pretty tech-savvy, and a combination of peer influence (everybody’s on Facebook or Whatsapp) and ease of access (cheap mobile devices) means everyone’s glued to their smartphone at some point of the day.”

This is how Dr Adrian Wang, a psychiatrist at the Gleneagles Medical Centres in Singapore, expressed his concern over the addiction of the gadgets among the kids.

While technology plays important role in kids’ learning and development, it poses some challenges which should be taken seriously by the parents. Many parents have found that their kids are getting addicted to the Internet and videogames. The excessive use of technology has cut the kids off playing outside; shrunk their interaction with parents; and made them anxious and aggressive.

But that doesn’t mean you take back all technological tools from them or ban them from TV watching. Instead, you need to guide them on the use of technology and also set limits.

Here we have come up with some negative effects of technology on kids along with the ways to deal with them.

More Screen Time is Making Kids Fat:

Too much screen time is one of the major reasons behind child obesity. Kids who spend more time playing video games, watching TV and using computers are less likely to play outside. Then, they tend to eat a lot snacks, leading to the accumulation of fat in their body. Obesity is associated with the fatal health conditions like depression, diabetes and even heart failure.

How to Prevent This:

You will have to limit the screen time of your kids. However, it shouldn’t be done forcefully, especially if your kids are picky. If you do this, a kid is likely to use the gadgets in secret which is even more risky. Here are the ways to make them give up their screen addiction…

  • Tell them benefits of staying physically active
  • Make sure their screen time is no more than 2 hours
  • Take them to the outdoors
  • Assign them household work
  • Create entertaining physical competitions at home

Decreasing the Interactions between Kids and Their parents:

Most kids find their comfort in video games because of their busy parents who don’t have time for them. According to one study, 50% kids are so absorbed in their phones or tablets that they don’t even notice their working parents arriving home. Another study has revealed that social media addicted kids feel less happy in almost all aspects of their lives.

How to prevent this….

It is important for you as a parent to spend quality time with your kids to limit their inclination towards technology. Here’s how…

  • Involve the kids in your household chores.
  • Set aside time between dinner, homework and bed to ensure a good interaction.
  • Read to your kids.

Being Exposed to Cyber Threats:

Kids who use the Internet are often exposed to inappropriate content associated to nudity and violence. On the top of that, they are a soft target for cyber criminals, predators and phishing. For example, online gaming and exciting offers are used to trick the kids into clicking on malicious links or attachments.

Even you need to have check on your child’s social media accounts in order to ensure their safety on social media and you just need to consider few tips.

How to prevent this…

You should make your kids aware of cyber threats and teach them how to deal with them. The safe cyber practices can be promoted among them with the following ways…

  • Discuss the threats and inappropriate content with your kids in friendly language. For example, you can tell them hacker is a wicked guy who can steal their picture. Ask them what online content makes them feel depressed or disturbed.
  • Monitor their online activities using tracking tools.
  • Change settings to block inappropriate content.
  • Install antivirus on your PC and smartphones.

By reading this article you must have understood the negative effects of excess usage of technology on your kids. So, it is your role to guide them on usage and limit of their technological tools.

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