Best Food Discount Apps to SAVE BIG on Your Next Meal!

Best Food Discount Apps For Foodies in Singapore

Looking to save money on your dining bills? That doesn’t mean you settle for a cheap or try a few things! Use these apps to save money and go home with a little more full wallet than before.)

Singapore is a paradise for foodies. In fact, we Singaporeans are obsessed with food (an average Singaporean takes five meals a day).

The country is dotted with various national and international restaurants. Then, we have the popular street food joints. From Malay, Thai, Chinese, Indian to other fusion dishes, the country delivers amazing gastronomical experiences.

Icing on the cake is that you can save on your dining bills using food discount apps.

This is really important as the cost of your dining out can eat out a big part of your budget. Singaporeans spend an average S$248 a month dining out. Dinner at a restaurant can be more expensive when you add in the cost of drinks and dessert. This is why we insist you to use food discount apps to get great deal on that next meal. Some apps even help explore new places to try.

Here we have listed such apps to save you money on food wherever you go in Singapore.

1. Chope:

One of the popular food apps in Singapore, Chope helps busy Singaporeans make dining reservations easily and quickly. The app lets you choose from over 1100 restaurants across Singapore.

The user can earn rewards points, known as Chope-Dollars, for each reservation made and fulfilled. You can exchange these points for restaurant vouchers. The minimum exchange rate is $2.50 per reservation. You can get up to 50% off.

You can check out their exciting deals on their website.

  • Download Chope for iOS
  • DownloadChope for Android

2. Perx:

If you have Perx, you don’t need to carry the burden of loyalty cards with you. It is an all-in-one loyalty card app. Perx gets you reward or points when used at more than 200 merchants across the nation. These points are exchangeable with free add-ons, toppings and upsize. One more benefit—link your EZ-link card to Perx to get additional savings for your tour across Singapore. You can find merchants based on your location, explore new rewards and share them with your near and dear ones. You can contact the merchant and visit their page all from Perx.

 3. The Entertainer:

This virtual coupon is your gateway to savings on dining, fitness, lifestyle and beauty. You name it and the app has it!

The catch is that the app has 1-for-1 offers on dining deals, meaning that you are required to bring someone along to enjoy the discounts.

Nevertheless, the app doesn’t disappoint if you are looking to save. You can save up to 50% with the Entertainer. Although $85 are required to kick start your coupon game, you can save much money quickly. As an added bonus, you can have more coupons utilizing the in-app currency, Smiles points.

  • Download The Entertainer for iOS
  • Download The Entertainer for Android

4. Eatigo

Eatigo is perfect combo of reservation bookings and big discounts for the foodies. After all, it is counted among Singapore’s top food and beverages apps. The best thing is that there are no restrictions like minimum number of persons, or paying for the pile of coupons to get the desired one.

With Eatigo, you can enjoy discounts from 10% up to 50%. However, the actual discounts may vary based on the time schedule of a restaurant. You can choose from over 4000 plus restaurants, that’s too without pre-payments or hidden cost.

With the app’s large stable of partner merchants, you are just as likely to find discounts on popular haunts, as you are to enjoy hefty savings during off-peak hours.

  • Download Eatigo for iOS
  • Download Eatigofor Android

5. Offpeak

Offpeak not only helps Singaporeans save time and money by reserving tables in restaurants online, it also offers lucrative discounts. Offpeak has partnered with a large number of restaurants across Singapore, providing you a plenty of choices. You can get the best dining discounts and save up to 50% at top restaurants. Offpeak also get you the list of nearby restaurants as you use your GPS location. The app won’t charge when you want to avail discounts.

  • Download Offpeak for iOS
  • Download Offpeak for Android

6. Grabz:

The experience with Grabz is as exciting as what it name says. The app is known for offering the freebies and discounts. The simple app lets you easily scroll through the promos according to your interests and preference. You can get exclusive promotions and rewards. On choosing a restaurant, you will instantly get access to the discounts. The basic membership is free while premium membership takes you to more benefits and rebates.

  • Download Grabz for iOS

7. Fave:

While it is not a primarily a food app, it has a large numbers of restaurants on its list. The app brings you the best deals and promotions at all your favorite eating outlets in Singapore. Formerly known as Groupon, you can save up to 70% on dining along with gyms, fitness studios, manicures and holidays. Another exciting thing is that you get up to 50% cash back by paying with the Fave app at restaurants or retail stores.

8. Hungrygowhere:

Hungrygowhere is a complete food app with videos, culinary guides, reviews of restaurants and dishes. The app not only helps you decide where to make a reservation for your next meal, but also lists the discounts and deals. With Hungrygowhere, you get an instant access to exclusive deals to save big at restaurants. Singtel subscribers enjoy additional exclusive dining deals.Singtel subscribers get to enjoy additional exclusive dining deals.

  • Download Hungrygowhere for iOS
  • Download Hungrygowhere for Android

9. Quandoo:

Launched in 2012, Quandoo is one of the popular restaurant reservation apps in Singapore. It lets you choose the best restaurants in Singapore with a table reservation system that’s always personalized. With Qunadoo, you can discover new places to eat, make a quick reservation, and get luring deals and promotions.

As an added bonus, you can get loyalty points to be used to redeem your cashback.

No wonder that over 50 million diners use Quandoo to book restaurants online. You can also check out exclusive deals and offers on restaurants at its official site.

  • Download Quandoo for iOS
  • Download Quandoo for Android


So these are the best food discounts apps for foodies in Singapore. These apps not only show you discounts, but also help when you can’t decide where to eat.  A great opportunity for those who want to try a variety of dishes at cheap prices!

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