10 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Singapore Travel Blog

Best #10 Tips to Increase Traffic on Your Travel Blog in Singapore

Want to increase the readership of your travel blog? Here we have come up with these 10 quick ways you can get traffic and attract the people you want.

So, you are a “Travel Blogger”

You have started a travel blog that is filled with interesting and unique information about Singapore that no one knows.

But you are not getting expected traffic to your travel blog.

Isn’t it frustrating?

It means that you are lacking on several things like promotion, sharing, and optimization of the blog. You need to focus on the popular content marketing trends in 2017 if you want to have the desired traffic on your blog page.

Traffic is the lifeline of your blog that can give you an opportunity to earn lavishly like successful bloggers.

10 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Singapore Travel Blog

Here are some tried and tested things to increase the traffic of your travel blog.

#1 Your Real Experiences Do Matter:

Why should people read your blogs?

If you think you can win over their interest by writing the stuff like “best places to visit in Singapore” or “awesome things to do in Singapore”, you need to think again. You are making no difference as the Internet is teamed with tons of such blogs. These are pretty basic things.

Remember, a reader likes to read something different, something engaging. And the best way to do that is sharing your experience, besides providing information about the destination.

For example, you can describe your camping experience at Mamam Beach. What about sailing the coast of Sentosa or visit to Night Safari?

By adding such details to your blogs, you establish a trust among your readers that you are really a travel blogger rather than someone who lift details from others to prepare the blogs.

#2 Choose Creative Titles:

Blog title is the first piece of information a potential reader sees. If it is plain or not interesting, he is likely to skip your blog post (no matter how informative and well written it is).

Unique and creative blog titles are as important as blogs content in today’s travel marketing as thousands of blogs have the same titles. Search “5 Things to Do in Singapore” and you will get plenty of blogs with the same title over the Internet. Instead, you can make it look unique by writing it as “5 Awesome Things You Can’t Resist to Do in Singapore” or “Why 5 Things in Singapore Will Haunt Me for the Rest of My Life?”

Same things go for the sections and categories of your blogs or website.

#3 Tell the Story:

Everyone likes story. This is why we read books, watch films, and hear about one another’s life experiences. And it is quite natural to use this narrative form for your travel accounts. Story telling makes your travel blogs look more authentic and captivating.

#4 Use Interesting Photos:

A picture is worth a thousand words! Images can better describe your travel destinations than words. Furthermore, photos make your blogs look visually appealing. And images can be the source of traffic when you place Alt Text and description on them. This is why you should incorporate photos in your blogs.

In short, using images makes your blog beautiful, impressive and informative, thereby encouraging a person to read and explore more.

Good thing is that you don’t need to own a large, expensive camera. You can do all your travel photography with a smartphone.

#5 Work on the Loading Speed of Blog:

You have great content. You have used good images. Your blog titles are catchy. But how will people access them if your site is taking much time to load? In this fast-paced digital world, you can’t afford to test their patience.

This is why you should work on the speed of your website. So, review your page speed with the tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, and GTMetrix. Keep your images optimized and compressed. Furthermore, consider the optimization of your travel blog for the mobile view as lots of people view use Smartphone than desktop to use the Internet.

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#6 Don’t Forget Social Media:

Make sure your travel blogs have social media pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. By using these networks, you can promote your travel posts and photography as well as start discussion with a broader public. Your blogs are then shared by other users, and this cycle can repeat and spread like wildfire. People will start subscribing to your travel blog, thereby increasing visibility and traffic. But that is only possible if you share valuable and engaging content.

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#7 Share Articles on Other Sites:

Sharing your articles on other sites means that you submit your articles to the other sites. This practice is known as guest posting in digital marketing. Why to do this? Why to write for others? It is important factor to drive traffic to your website or travel blog.

For example, if your article is published on already established or popular platform, you can get new readers there who are likely to visit your blogs via the links given in the article. This is why it is a working strategy for extending your access and boosting your presence online.

Make sure to stick around your guest posts and reply to the comments being posted over there.

#8 Build Networking with Other Bloggers:

Networking with other bloggers and communities of people with same interest and profession can benefit your travel blog in many ways. If the people on the same network know you personally or interact with your frequently, they will be more enthusiastic about sharing your travel pieces. There are many ways to build a network for your travel blog. Go to the established travel sites and use their contact forms to send an email to them. You can also use social media platforms to join the communities of other travelers.

Apart from that, you can attend the events or conferences of bloggers. Contact other people for interviews and asking for advice. In this way, you set a personal interaction with them which will reap the benefits for you in the long run.

#9 Give Your Reader an Easy Read:

Reading from the screen is hard. This is why most users take only 20 seconds to decide whether to stay on the website or leave depending on your text placement, the size of the font, and word choices. If your blog has messier text placement, congested chunks of paragraphs and confused navigation, chances are a reader can abandon your blog in middle (no matter how interesting it is)

Therefore, make sure to make your blog readable for the users by following these things:

  • Make short paragraphs
  • Use headings, subheadings, and lists. Choose the font type accordingly
  • Use simple words
  • Choose dark fonts against the light color background
  • Highlight important information

#10 Update Your Content Regularly:

Keeping your content fresh and updated has many benefits. First of all, it sends a signal to the users that you are active and care about them. Besides, it is good for SEO as the search engine crawl the updated website more often. Though it can be hectic as it costs both time and money, it has long term benefits.

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With the help of these things, you can increase traffic to your travel blog. Remember, it won’t bring you overnight success as it requires your efforts, time and patience.

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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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