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A Guide to Facebook Advertising Campaign in Singapore

Make your Facebook Ad campaign successful and worth your investment with these tried and tested tips.

Singapore has 4,500000 active Facebook users. It means that more than 77 percent of Singaporeans use Facebook.

Being a digital marketer, this presents a huge opportunity for you to get a great ROI on your Facebook ads.

That’s said, stiff competition and unpredictable user behavior may impact the success rate of your Facebook Ad campaign. Dropping any kind of ad for any kind of people is like a shot in the dark. Remember, you invest your money and efforts in the creation of FB ads. Therefore, a strategic approach is required while planning your Facebook advertising. Only customer specific ads with attractive content get a click.

So, consider these things while planning a Facebook ad…

What makes a user click your ad? Where will they go or do after clicking your ad? Do your ads look appealing?

To make it easier, here we have come up with valuable points for you…

1. Do You Know Your Customers?

Imagine you are selling men’s shoes. But your ad appeals to everyone—including women and kids. If it doesn’t get in the front of the right audience (men), your campaign won’t be that successful.

It is just like the game of darts where you get huge score by hitting the bull’s eye. Likewise, you need to identify your target audience and reach to them. In short, aim to reach the right audience. Here’s how you can define the right target audience

  • Who is likely to buy your products?
  • What do they do?
  • Do they have a budget to buy your products?
  • What are their concerns and how your product can resolve them?
  • How your competitors take care of them?

Well, this is just a rough idea to identify your target audience. It will require a rigorous approach to identify and find the right people. Your ad will be created on the basis of inputs churned out from that research.

2. Be Careful with Your Call to Action:

This is a key part of your Facebook Ad which convinces people to click. To make sure your CTA doesn’t fall flat, here are things to practice…

  • Keep CTA to the point as people have a short attention span. For example, “Find Cabs Near You” is crispier and attention grabber.
  • Talk about benefits, not product.
  • Ask a question. For example—– Do You Want to Boost Your Sales This Quarter?
  • Use negative words—For example—Google Plus is Dead. Now What?
  • Use phrases like Free, Snag, Grab, Start and Activate. Here you can find some more.

3. Track Your Campaign Progress:

How your ads are performing? Are you meeting your goals? This is why you should track your campaign results. Most successful ad campaigns are goal specific. For example, if the goal of your ad is to boost ROI, look at sales figures. If your motive is to promote your blog, look at blog traffic in terms of bounce rate, retained visitors, purchase and newsletter subscription. Facebook Ads Manager includes some of these metrics. Besides, you use Google Analytics reports for other statistics.

4. Know the Right Way to Conduct A/B Test:

In A/B test, two variants of the same thing are tested or experimented to find the better one. In Facebook A/B split test, there are many variables and factors that affect the success of the campaign. This can be overwhelming. Instead of taking all things at once, aim to focus on the key elements given below:

  • Ad Imagery
  • Target Audience
  • Ad Copy
  • Call to Actions

Create some variables of aforesaid elements to see which works better.

5. Work Over Your Landing Page:

The last thing you should worry about is your landing page. Despite having a successful Facebook advertising campaign, you may not get results with a poorly designed landing page. After all, it is the page where your audience land as soon as they click the ad. Make sure to optimize it by considering the checklists given below.

  • A landing page should be responsive for both mobiles and tablets. This is because 90% of Singaporeans access the Internet via a smartphone.
  • It must deliver what your ad promises.
  • It should load quickly.

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We hope that this guide will help you make your Facebook ad campaign more result oriented. Want to say something else? Please do it by commenting below.

Top 7 Businesses to Start in Singapore

Want to start a business in Singapore? Here is a list of businesses that can earn you a great profit.

From technology, infrastructure, skilled manpower to government friendly policies, Singapore has everything that support the business growth.

It is clear why it is the home to some 3,000 MNCs. The World Bank has considered Singapore as the second best place in the world to do business.

While there is a scope for all businesses in Singapore, here is a rundown of the trending businesses that can get you more revenue.

1. Online Marketing

Many businesses are going online to leverage the ever increasing Internet users in Singapore. And even online businesses need marketing to get competitive edge. Here comes digital marketing. Digital marketing helps them improve their visibility and get traffic. Whether you are social media marketing expert, website developer or a copywriter, you have a great opportunity to make big as a Digital Marketing Company in Singapore.

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2. Tuition Centre

Tuition industry in Singapore is on the rise. 70% of kids have some form of tuition, from a tuition centre, education coach to a personal tutor. Once termed as a cottage industry, tuition centers have become brand with flashy outlets in upscale settings across the Island. It is a billion dollar industry while many tutors are earning in millions. Thanks to the ever competitive academic environment, challenging school syllabus and kiasu factor.

Setting up a big tuition centre is profitable. However, you can still earn big by being a private tutor or run small tuition in your place with little to no investment.

Given that the industry is fiercely competitive, make sure to market your tuition services in Singapore efficiently.

3. Agriculture

Despite having 0.87 percent agrarian land, Singapore presents bright opportunities for agriculture based businesses.

The demand for food and other agriculture products is bigger, even bigger than the supply. And there are a very few industries in this field. Therefore, it is a less competitive and high profitable business at the same time.

Vertical farming is a good way to get into agriculture business. It is a unique and creative way of farming. Vertical farming has higher production due to the involvement of sophisticated technology and controlled indoor environments.

4. Freight and Courier Services

 Don’t worry if you are not an online marketing expert.

What about starting a transport business?

The strategic geographical location of Singapore gives easy access to the East and West. Besides, its modern motorways and roads ensure a smooth and fast access to airport, harbour and major points across the city.

Such positives have attracted many international freight companies to operate in Singapore. Besides, the government provides full support to the transport operations.

Logistics or parcel delivery service is an easy way to start with. It involves the shipping, storage, documentation and tracking of the parcels.

You are required to register your business with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA). Opt for a Crane Operator License from MOM if heavy lifting of goods is also involved. For the transportation of toxic chemicals or flammable materials, make sure to carry a Hazardous Materials Transport Driver Permit (HDTP).

5. Fashion Retail

Singapore is counted among the world’s leading cities for fashion. Fashion is a big business in the country, with nearly 4,818 establishments are belonged to the clothing genre. High end brands like H&M, Levis and Zara are making big profits in the nation. Shopping is one of the favourite activities of the tourists in Singapore.

You can dive into this profitable business by opting for a franchise or retail outlets. Even having a small shop in popular street markets can ensure you profits.

6. Fitness Trainer

More Singaporeans want to stay fit and healthy. And this desire has triggered the overwhelming growth of fitness industry in the city. People from all walks of life are joining fitness centers or opting for personal trainer.

You may like to set up a gym or fitness centre to meet the specific fitness needs of each customer and to encourage them to come back and do workout regularly. A fitness trainer, on the other hand, can provide people customized fitness sessions at their place. They also suggest them right diet. As a personal fitness trainer, you can earn $35,785 per year.

7. Laundry

Laundry is one of the profitable businesses in Singapore. According to one survey, 30,000 companies earned over 10 billion dollars in 2014-15.

30% of them were laundry kiosks or coin operated models.

The growth of laundry services are mainly driven by the “inability” of washing/drying of the bulk items like sofa covers, blankets and curtains at HDB home.

Coin operated laundry system is great for the start-ups with a limited budget as it requires the machines instead of labours.

(HERE is How You Can Market Your Laundry or Other Cleaning Services in Singapore.)


No doubt that these are the profitable businesses in Singapore. However, you shouldn’t pick any of them randomly. First of all, choose the field of your interest or that can go well with your budget. Once you decide the field, consider getting some basic training in operation and management. This way, you can run a successful venture. One more thing—don’t forget to register your business in Singapore with the respective authority.

Best of luck!

Do you have other business ideas to tell? Do share with us by commenting below.

Top 5 Must to Consider SEO Ranking Factors in 2019

2018 was a big year for the SEO industry, with plenty of changes in the Google search algorithm, mobile first indexing, voice search, and UI. Besides, Google has been active with Google My Business and local searches throughout the year. While most updates for 2019 are mere predictions, Google is more likely to work over the updates made in last year. For example, it has been emphasizing Mobile First for past some years which will be continued in 2019.

It can be said that Google’s priorities will create new ranking factors for 2019. On the basis of this, here we have come up with new strategies that will work and help improve your website ranking in the search results.

1. The Speed of Your Webpage:

Slow loading pages can kill your user’s experience with your website. Here are some statistics to prove that….

Even worse, a slow page load can attract a penalty from Google.

Page load time is an important ranking factor as it directly influences the traffic to a website. There are tools like Page Speed Insight to test your website’s load time.

2. Content Structure:

Messy and scattered content is a huge turnoff, no matter how great information is it. This is why “the art of content presentation” has been a golden rule to make even mediocre things look great.

Structure your content with headers and sub-headers. Besides, use short sentences and white spaces as well. This way, it will be easier for your audience to read and digest the “things”. After all, a good content structure means a great user experience which in turn translates to a better ranking. Good content structure can actually become your roadmap for effective content marketing strategy.

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3. Voice Search:

Voice search is important for your SEO marketing in 2019. This is because 20% search queries on mobile devices are coming from voice searches apps like Google Now, Cortana and Siri. And voice search is expected to be accounted for 50% of all online queries by 2020. With voice search, website owners can provide answers in a quicker way.

Using voice search-friendly content is more important as half Singaporeans use voice apps like Google Assistance, S voice and Siri. This BLOG will help you create effective voice search-friendly content for your business.

4. Local SEO:

Did you know? 46% of searches have local intent, meaning that they are location based. Local SEO is important for your local business or the services in a certain locality. According to one study by Forbes, over 90% smartphone users perform local searches, out of “WHICH 61% CALLED THE BUSINESS and 59% VISITED them”. It is a clear indication that leads from local searches can benefit your business.

5. Work over Your Images

Images are an important SEO asset you shouldn’t overlook. They are as important as your title and heading. They not only make your webpage looks attractive but also explain the things. Google also recognize the importance of images with its guidelines for image publishing.

Working over the images can ensure better load time, user experience and ranking opportunities. Make sure your SEO campaign includes a plan for optimizing images that appeal your audience while remaining relevant to your content.

Here’s how…

  • Prefer images of your real people over stock images.
  • Use abstract images for stirring emotions.
  • Use images for your inscrutable or DIY content.
  • Use keywords (relevant to images) in your Alt text and image tag.
  • Optimize heavy images to improve your site load time.

By taking care of these ranking factors, you can make a big difference to your website’s performance in 2019.

5 Places to Visit in Singapore for New Year Celebrations 2019

 Whether its Thanksgiving, Christmas or New year, Singapore has various beautiful places to celebrate festivals with enthusiasm.

Are you looking to celebrate New Year in a thrilling way? Or you have a shopping list on the mind? Do you want to celebrate staying away from hustle and bustle?

There are all sorts of ways to celebrate New Year in Singapore. From the amazing events, vivacious shopping destinations to serene places, there are endless places to welcome New Year in your own way.

Here is a rundown of the places in Singapore to make sure you kick-start the year in a positive, thrilling way possible.

1) Sentosa Beach

Sentosa is an awesome place to kick off New Year celebrations. The beach amazes with lightnings, fireworks, music and enthusiastic crowd. Get indulged in the dance, events, countdown party and endless thrills. Then, a luxury spa and dining experience will add to your celebration.

Sentosa Beach Singapore

Image Source

You can have a snap with the characters like Bruce Lee and Elvis. Want to celebrate your new year away from hustle and bustle? Head to the calm beaches out there!

2) Marina Bay

Scintillating fireworks, live performances, feasts and festivals, and countdown hotspots will be what you expect to experience at Marina Bay. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the capital of New Year celebrations in Singapore. The celebrations generally start a month before as a countdown.

Marina Bay

Image Source

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival (22 December to 24 march) will be one of the key attractions over there. It will feature exciting rides, new thrills, game booths, exotic foods, music and more. Then, light projections will be there on New Year’s Eve from 8 pm till before midnight. Shoppers can rush to the outdoor bazaar to be held at the Float @ Marina Bay.

For more information, check out THIS!

3) Bay East (Gardens by the Bay)

Let’s admit it. Indulging into fun and thrills is not everyone’s way of celebrating New Year. Right?

If you are one of those calm celebrators, head to the Bay East or the Gardens by the Bay. It is one of the calm places in Singapore to spend quality time with your special one or likeminded people.

Gardens by the Bay

Image Source

Having moments among flower dome, Supertree Grove, art sculptures, and Heritage Garden is a silent celebration in itself. Beyond that, the place has everything to take your New Year celebrations to the next level, from dining to shopping.  As an added bonus, the garden offers indoor spaces for events or celebrations on booking.

4) Bugis Street

Shopping is just another way to celebrate the New Year. At least, shopaholic out there would agree with us. Bugis street t is counted among the most popular, cheapest and grandest shopping destinations in Singapore.

Bugis Street

Image Source

The shopping street offers the trendiest fashion at affordable rates. Strolling down the street will excite you as you come across small alleys, aroma of food and colourful stores. Services like tattoo, hair and beauty services are also available at the street.

Apart from shopping, the spot guarantees great dining experiences with its 24/7 trendy bars and cafes.

5) Universal Studios Singapore

This is a great destination to celebrate New Year with your family. This wonderful amusement park has everything for someone. It adds to your New Year celebrations with thrilling rides, shows and attractions based on your favourite Hollywood movies. Universal Studios also organizes dance party for the visitors. Make sure to buy the tickets in advance to get an entry. And don’t forget to watch the amazing fireworks on the eve of the New Year. Plus, USS offers deals and packages for Christmas and New Year as well. For more info, please visit this page.

Universal Studio

Image Source

Where are you going to celebrate your New Year in Singapore? Please let us know by commenting below.

6 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Employees in Singapore

Make your employees feel valued and appreciated this Christmas with these wonderful gifts.

With a few days left to Christmas, you must be looking for some nice gifts for your employees. A gift is a great way to motivate and reward your employees for their hard work throughout the year. It is an opportunity for you to make them feel valued and understood.

So what will be a perfect gift for them? Being a good boss, you want to gift them something functional, something memorial.

Here we help you with some wonderful Christmas gift ideas for your people.

1. Coffee Mug Warmer:

Your employees will really say thank for this. After all, a cold cup of coffee is one of the annoying things at work (joking). Today’s coffee mug warmer comes with a USB cable to be attached to a mobile charger or a PC port. By a coffee mug warmer their side, they can get a delicious, hot cup of coffee whenever they kick start their work or retiring from a tiresome meeting.


2. Gift Cards:

Make their Christmas special by gifting them a wonderful opportunity to dine, groom or shop. And nothing can be better than a gift card to make that possible. You can purchase the gift cards online for the restaurants, spas and outlets. As an added bonus, many retailers give attractive deals during the festive season like Christmas. The gift card can be delivered to you or you can print them. Employees will like it as they can buy or get whatever they want or require.


3. Portable Power Banks:

It makes a great gift for your on-the-go staff! Power bank keeps their devices like phone and laptop up and running. They can be used as promotional giveaways for your employees. Make sure to order for the power bank with a higher output level and bigger milliamp hour.


4. Oil Diffuser:

Oil diffusers can be used at both work and home. They create a soothing and relaxing ambience by spreading the pleasant scent of the oil. The essential oil they use is said to relieve stress, boost energy, ease pain and balance the thoughts. They also purify the air and help minimize allergens. Or you can say that you are gifting health benefits to your employees in the form of an oil diffuser.


5. Indoor Bonsai Trees:

Well, indoor bonsai trees are a unique gift! They represent the bond of love and eternity between human beings and nature. And there is no good time to gift this wonderful plant. It will look even wonderful on the occasion of Christmas as a mini Christmas tree. You can go an extra mile by having it decorated. It is easy to care for and live for hundreds of years. It means that your employees will remember your gesture for a long time.


6. Personalized Phone Cases:

A personalized smartphone case can be an overwhelming gift! You can make it even amazing by having your employee’s photo on them. They can be fully personalized with any image or the text you choose. There are many online sites where you can customize the items according to your preferences. Or you can gift them t-shirts or coffee mugs in the same way.

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These Christmas gift ideas for your people are functional and under your budget as well. Which gifts do you like to give your employees? Let us know by commenting below.


5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Cyber Monday Scams

With Cyber Monday around the corner, you are all geared up to grab the exciting deals may for gadgets gift for your kids or for shopping things for yourself. It is a great opportunity to save big on wonderful deals available online.

On the flip side, it is the time when hackers and cyber criminals get into a scene to target online shoppers. Since shoppers are after the deals, they rarely care for security issues while shopping. May be they give their credit card number to grab iPhone X on S$500. Or they would be lured by 90% off being given on LCD TV.

The point is here that cybercriminals are ready to bait out carefree shoppers. It is noteworthy that e-commerce scams shot up by 58 percent this year so far in Singapore. According to Singapore Police Force, most cybercrimes has been operated by foreign syndicates located remotely.

Make sure that you don’t fall for any Cyber Monday malicious gimmick by following the tips given below.

Don’t Click on a Suspicious Link

Avoid clicking on a suspicious link as it may be sent by a scammer. Generally, these emails are luring as they have a promotional link that is seemed to be from a legitimate vendor. They carry malicious malware to be injected into your system to collect the information or corrupt the data. Therefore, you shouldn’t open them. Just delete them. Or you can confirm if it’s really a deal by visiting that retailer’s website.

Don’t Trust Fake Coupons

Fake coupons are likely to occur on social media or WhatsApp during Cyber Monday or other shopping events. To look authentic, they contain an image of retailer’s logo and instructions to claim them. Spoof coupons also promise big off or gifts that are too good to be true. The reality is that they are cleverly designed to trap you.

Here are some more clues that help you identify fake coupons…

  • If it sends you to a survey or another site asking for personal info
  • If it insists you to download an app
  • If it sounds too good to be true (like $75 off).

Prefer Using Mobile Wallets

Scammers can steal information from physical cards using tracking devices on the ATM or POS at a retail store. And this type of fraud is pretty much real in Singapore. Top of that, you are liable to pay at least $100 if you become a victim of credit card fraud.

Give an extra layer to your finances with mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. This is because they come with a single-use token system to encrypt your card info. The other benefits of mobile wallets include convenience and being easy to use.

No matter if the store is hacked, the info the scammers get won’t be your actual card number. This is why it is more secure and quick than a chip-based transaction.

Shop from Secure Online Sites

How to tell if a site is secure or not? You don’t need to a tech-savvy for that. It is very easy to find out. Just look at the address bar of a website. If it shows a green padlock and it starts with “https” (s in HTTP), it means the site is safe. HTTPS means that the communications between your browser and the website are encrypted or protected.

It also means that you should avoid the websites with “HTTP”.

Verify or Avoid “Incredible” Deals before Trusting Them

Cyber Monday means an avalanche of big deals being offered by the retailers. After all, the event is all about the deals. And you never know when you get into a trap of a hoax deal. Scammers capitalize on the shopper’s desire for the lowest prices by throwing away fake deals. These deals are too good to be true—iPhone X on 90% off or Take Home JBL Speakers Free of Cost.

As most of the deals are not easy to verify, it is better to avoid them.

With the help of these steps, you can ensure that you are not getting into a scam.  Stay safe and enjoy your shopping!

Thanksgiving Social Media Post Ideas for Small Business in Singapore

Convert Thanksgiving into a great opportunity to boost your social media marketing with these tips.

Singaporeans have been open to the culture and festivities of the west, including Thanksgiving. The national holiday of America is also gaining popularity in Singapore. Thanksgiving is an occasion to “thank for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.”

It is celebrated with enthusiasm with lots of dishes like potato, green bean casserole and turkey being the key item on the menu.

And it can be a great opportunity to increase your conversion and shares on social media. This is because people are usually in a festive mood and use social media to make purchases. All you need to add Thanksgiving spirit to your social media posts to engage them.

Run a Contest:

The contest attracts the people, no matter if they come for fun sake. Even a simple content can help you attract people towards your post.

Run a Contest

For example, invite them to upload their Thanksgiving celebration photos. Or ask them some simple questions. What about holding a photo competition on Instagram? Or a poll can be generated over Facebook about their favorite recipes.

This way, you not only engage them, but expand your brand’s reach. Reward the winners with a discount voucher, coupon or your merchandise item.

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Post Videos of Thanksgiving Celebration:

How are your employees preparing for Thanksgiving? You can post the videos of their celebration and responses over Facebook and Instagram. Or you can shoot a video where employees are sharing their memorial Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to include humor or fun!

Employees are likely to share those videos with their near and dear ones on social media. Your brand will be exposed to more people.

Tell About Thanksgiving Events in Singapore:

From picnics to dinners, there will be several Thanksgiving events to be organized across the nation. And you can interact with your audience by posting about such events. Mention the highlights of those events.

Use Festive Hashtags:

Whether you are creating a post for Facebook or Instagram, make sure to use a relevant hashtag for your brand. Using the right hashtag can help get your posts in front of prospective shoppers over social media platform. In other words, hashtags increase your reach significantly. Online tools like and all-hashtag help you find trending hashtags for Thanksgiving.

Use Hash Tags

However, too many hashtags in a sentence can create clutter and affect the readability. For example, recommend amount of hashtags for Twitter is up to 2 while you can use over 11 hashtags on Instagram.

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Ask the Followers to Create a Post for You:

User-generated content can benefit your marketing plan. Not only do you get unique content, it actually delivers more engagement and exposure to your post. It can be an effective asset for your campaign if used properly. No wonder that 85% of users find UGC content more convincing than brand videos or images. From sharing their memories to thanking someone, there are many ways users can drop their content.

Ready to Kick-Start Your Thanksgiving Campaign for Social Media?

These tips would help you create better social media posts for Thanksgiving. It is equally important to create quality posts to get engagement and conservation as well. This blog can help you creating great social media posts to improve customer satisfaction, no matter if the campaign is for Thanksgiving or Halloween.

Do you want to ask anything else? Or you have some fantastic social media idea for Thanksgiving? Please share with us by commenting below (and happy Thanksgiving Day in advance.)

4 Best Halloween Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales in Singapore.

Boost the visibility of your business with these Halloween specific marketing ideas.

Halloween has become one of the popular events in Singapore. It offers fun and thrill with creepy decorations, tasty treats and, of course, horrible costumes.

As a marketer or a business, have you ever thought Halloween could be a great opportunity to boost the visibility of your brand?

In other words, this scary holiday is the right time to market your business.

All you need to imply clever campaigning that could go well with the theme and mood of the halloween festival.

Here’s how…

1. Add Halloween Themed Elements and Content:

From your website to social media pages, you can jazz up your online presence with Halloween themed content or elements. For example, you can use Halloween themed banner, spooky fonts, spider webs and animated features on your website. This way, you can paint your website in the Halloween spirit.

Create content according to the people’s requirements regarding Halloween. For example, art, crafts, and stationery supply stores can share mini-tutorials on how to make Halloween decorations. Restaurants can give Halloween twist to their cocktails or recipes. A financial planner can share how to budget for Halloween holidays. Security services can share how to stay safe while playing trick-or-treating.

All you need to think about what customers are likely to do in the weeks before Halloween.

You can dress up your social media profiles in a similar way. Change the cover image to something spooky. And it is a great opportunity to sell in an engaging way to your customers.

2. Run Contests on Social Media:

Halloween is a great opportunity to engage the users with your content over social media. For example, you can invite them to share photos of their Halloween decorations or their recipes. Make sure to run these contests on your top social media outlets, and make entry conditional to use of particular hashtags, and contestants liking and sharing the post. It will help you expose your brand to a new audience, which shared posts have a better chance of achieving. You can either reward the top contestants, or have one main prize, but it is better if you offer all contestants a discount voucher or a coupon.

3. Sponsor a Local Event:

Sponsoring a local event is a great way to earn exposure. From a haunted house, fall festival, costumes, Zombie run to trick or treating, there are many occasions or events you can advertise your business at. Even you can drive the attendees to your booth with a giveaway or treat if you are not selling a product on the spot. For example, you can create a themed beverage or props for people watching the event.

4. Pick the Right Timing:

When to run your Halloween themed marketing campaign?

Well, it should be neither too earlier nor too late. Simply put, the campaign shouldn’t be run months before Halloween or on the exact day. According to Google Trends data, the searches for the term Halloween is on the rise during the week leading up to Halloween. On the basis of this data, here are things helping you pick the right timing for Halloween online campaign.

  • Run promotional offers and special discounts for Halloween in the last week of October.
  • Publish blog posts, social media content and email marketing throughout October.
  • Google Ads campaign can be run throughout October.

So these are the ideas helping your business get a great exposure this Halloween. Want to share your own ideas with us? Please let us know by commenting below!!!

8 No-Nonsense Tips to Start Your Business in Singapore

Here are the things you should do to make your business venture successful in Singapore.

Want to start your business?

With attractive tax laws, business friendly economy, close proximity to big markets like China and India and sophisticated technology, Singapore is the world’s best place for doing business.

Ironically, 50-70 percents start-ups fail within the first 18 months! Or you can say that surviving the initial period is tough. The key reasons of failure are poor financial management, lack of effective business plan, faulty business model and poor marketing.

So you need to be careful at the every phase of your business developing.

With effective business practices, planning and marketing, you can minimize the chances of failures and thrive as well.

Here Are the Tips to Introduce Your New Business

1. Research Your Market:

You cannot just start a business without doing the research first. Otherwise, your business won’t get traction as it wasn’t built to serve the customers.

Therefore, market research is the first and foremost thing to do. It is all about understanding customers, their concerns and how your business can help them. It helps you develop a product or service that is well received by your customers.

Market research is important to determine the viability of your idea before you invest your hard earned money on the venture. With a thorough research, you get the information you need to carry on with your idea, fine tune it, take it back to the drawing board or ditch it. In short, it is a process of creating a realistic working plan of action for your business.

Here to points to be covered in your market research plan:

  • What are you selling? What are features and benefits of your products and services?
  • Who need your products and services?
  • How will you reach out to them?
  • What does it cost to operate your start up?
  • Your revenues and profits?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • How to price your product or service?
  • Do you have a strategy to aim the customers in a crowded marketplace?

As you answer the above questions, you will identify your areas of improvement, avoid problems and ultimately get a realistic business plan that can work.

2. What is Your Business Structure?

Once you done with your market research, think about the structure of your business. The business structure you choose will determine the legal identity, personal liability for business debts, ownership, registration, funding and taxation.

Some of the major business structures in Singapore are…

  • Sole proprietorship:

In this business entity, there is only owner who is the absolute authority and responsible for all assets and liabilities related to the business. You will be personally liable for the business’s debts and finances.

  • Partnership:

More than one individual are involved in ownership and liabilities of the business. When things go wrong, one partner can be held liable for the deeds of other partners and be sued to recover outstanding money or other compensation from his or her personal property.

  • Limited Partnership:

It consists of a General Partner and any number of limited partners. General partner has more responsibilities than limited partners.

  • Private Limited Company:

In this business structure, the maximum number of shareholders can be up to 50. Such business entities are mandated to have the suffix “Private Limited”, “Ltd” or “Pte Ltd” in their company name. Shareholders are not personally bound to pay off company’s debts.

3. Limited Liability Partnership:

It is an ideal combination of a Partnership with a Private Limited Company structure. This structure is great for the professionals engaging in the services like architects, accountants, lawyers and management consultant.

(Note: The list of business structures in not detailed. To know more, please click here.)

4. Develop a Business Plan:

A business plan is a blueprint of your business operations and development. It includes the organizational structure of your business and your business’s goals as well. Besides, a business plan is required by banks and investors when you approach them for funding. They will need to know about the organizational structure and how you plan to be successful and your financial projections.

Here are the things to be included in your business plan:

  • Overview of your Business Plan
  • Company Description
  • Products and Services
  • Market Research
  • Organizational Structure
  • Financial Requirements and Plans

5. Choose a Funding Type:

From personal finances to an investor, there are many sources you can use to fund your business. Each source has its own pros and cons.

If you put personal money, you will get the full rewards of your startup being successful. Otherwise the failed business may lead to the loss of your personal assets.

Crowdfunding is also popular among many entrepreneurs. It is generally done online where you present your business ideato get donations. The supporters will get incentive for their investment in return for their donations. It is a quick route to get funding, but you have to pay back to a lot of people once you start getting money.

Angel investors are also a similar type of funding where investors put money in a business in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt.

Bank loan is a traditional source of financing a business. However, banks have their process which may be strenuous and frustrating. If you choose this type, you are required to put up your personal belongings as collateral as your startup has no cash flow or assets.

6. Get it Registered:

Make sure to get it registered with ACRA. When it is officially registered with ACRA, your business will get a UEN or Unique Entity Number. It will give you an official identity and rights to operate as a business. Once you are registered, you are subject to various government obligations like accounting and taxation. Besides, you have an opportunity to get startup funding.

7. Create a Great Team:

You need a great team to move your business forward. The people you hire should believe in your vision and possess the necessary skill sets. Beyond looking at their resume, here the points to keep in mind while hiring…

  • Look for a career oriented person
  • Focus on their practical experience
  • Assess their skills by giving them a test or situation
  • Determine if the candidate can stay motivated to cope up with pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Check out their social media pages to learn more about the candidates.

8.  Find an Office Space:

If you have a little budget, you can rent an office in a sharing space where different companies work alongside each other in open floor plans.

However, only get office space if it is required. There are many businesses in Singapore which are run online, while their employees working from the remote locations.

9. Run Marketing Campaigns:

Marketing takes your business to the customers. So you need to be equally focused on business marketing. From digital, outdoor to print, there are many options to market your business in Singapore.

Traditional advertising media like radio, TV and print are still popular and efficient. Since Singapore has the highest Internet penetration rate in the world, investing on online marketing services like SEO, PPC and SMO would be beneficial. So you should combine both form of marketing to see the maximum benefits.

And make sure to incorporate these things in your marketing campaigns

  • Sell the “benefits” of your products instead of just displaying them.
  • Listen to your customer’s feedback to make improvements
  • Market your product before its ready (awareness campaigning to let the potential customers know your products is coming.)
  • Approach the press or a media house

One more important thing—keep monitoring your marketing campaigns to see if they are benefiting you.

But Rome Was Not Built in a Day….

So these are the ideas to start and grow your business in Singapore. However, overnight success is not guaranteed as it takes years to turn a startup into a successful business. Stick to commitment, value, quality, marketing and changes. All the best!!!

The Importance of Influencer Marketing in Singapore

Learn here how influencer marketing can help your business reach new heights.

Imagine that you run a clothing store somewhere in Singapore. And someone like Victoria Loke, who has 11.3 followers on Instagram, says something nice about your products. Or what if your cookery products are endorsed by Willin Low, who has 38.6 k followers on Instagram?

It simply means that their Instagram followers will be curious about your brand. Eventually, they may like to buy it. They do it because their role model is using the brand or recommending it.

Leveraging the influence of celebrity to promote your brands over the Internet is called influencer marketing.

As the name suggests, influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing that capitalizes on the influence of opinion leaders. By doing this, businesses get access to even larger market in the form of their followers or fans.

In short, influencer marketing is one of the effective ways to quickly build your brand online and raise awareness among your audience.

Here is how influencer marketing can take your business to the next level.

Giving Your Brand a Wide Range of Exposure. This is a key benefit of Influencer marketing.

Influencers are instrumental in the rise of new trends and movements. They expose their audience to new brands and products.

The case study how Zafferano, a restaurant chain in Singapore, saw benefit with Influencer marketing is inspiring.

The restaurant company invited 11 Instagram influencers for a special meal. They were asked to describe their dishes and dining experiences as well. And those influencers did so. Afterwards, Zafferano saw a swelling number of customers to their hotel.

1. Builds Credibility and Trust:

Why do people follow influencers over social media? They are inspired by them and follow their opinions. It shows that the brand is reliable and is of trustworthy company when they recommend it. Needless to say it evokes the curiosity in that brand. This way, influencer marketing has the ability to build trust and credibility about a brand.

2. It Prompts Purchasing Decisions:

Most Singaporeans are risk adverse, it means that they believe in taking calculated risk or avoid it at all. This is also true when it comes to making a purchase. This is why they are increasingly relying on influencers or word of mouth to make a buying decision. In this scenario, consider using an online influencer to provide a form of assurance for the consumers.

3. It Doesn’t Force Customers. It Just Inspires Them:

Influencer marketing also works because it is not pushy, unlike other forms of online marketing like PPC.

An influencer just uses or recommends the brand to the audience, rather than imposing it. Since it is used or recommends by their role models, people are likely to be interested in the product. So when you send message via an influencer, it doesn’t appear as pushy.

4. It is Affordable:

Influencer marketing shouldn’t be expensive in Singapore, unless you are interested to work only with celebrities. There are many influencers in Singapore who have a good number of followers, though they are not celebrity. Or you can go for micro-influencers who have fewer followers than that of celebrities. Most of them charge less for sponsored posts. Or they can even work for free products or services, or even as affiliates.


Influencer marketing takes your brand to a larger number of followers on social media. It helps connect your brand to people and drives their purchasing decision, creating a possibility for extremely high ROI. This form of marketing is really important for startups, small businesses or those who are struggling to get traction in their digital marketing.