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8 Reasons To Choose Digital Marketing As Your Career In Singapore

Looking forward to a career in a high-growth industry? Do you want to work in an environment where dedicated individuals with a drive to learn are in high demand?

Then you must consider digital marketing. In a country like Singapore where people highly count on internet for choosing a product or service, this industry has a lot to offer. Do you know around 84% Singaporeans are Internet users? While businesses are on a look out for better online visibility, they are regularly hunting for new, creative, and skilled digital marketers.

Even if you lack experience, this industry has so many facets to it that experience might not be necessarily a requisite for landing a job. Choosing the world of digital marketing gives your freedom to work as in-house (agency roles) and remote working (freelancing), as per your needs. And that’s not all!

There are several other reasons which will make you choose digital marketing as a career. Have a sneak peek here:

1. Growing Demand:

Singapore is turning digitally-savvy. Whether it is about education sector or shipping industry, digital marketing is becoming an indispensable part of every business. This has made entrepreneurs more inclined towards digital marketers having specialised skills to make their business grow. They are always in search of knowledgeable people who can deal with mobile marketing, search engine optimisation and other digital marketing fundamentals.

2. A well-paid Choice:

Not placing too far in the list, the second most compelling reason to become a digital marketer is that you get a reasonably good salary. As there is shortage in supply of skilled and creative candidates, if you are someone with specialised digital marketing skills, you have a great reason to bargain. Coming to the annual salary, the digital marketing executives can expect to start off with $30,000 – $38,400 whereas a digital marketing manager with a specialised skill set could potentially earn somewhere $52,000 – $90,000. However, it is worth noticing that package offered can vary as per your years of experience and industry standards.

3. Free Learning is Possible:

If you are a keen learner, the possibilities are endless. You can choose among various free online courses, nano degrees, etc. offered by legitimate universities. A number of free courses are available from sites like Coursera, where you can learn digital marketing fundamentals. In fact, you can get a brief idea for what specific skills you’d be moving further. Later you can achieve some specific skill set from SEO Learning Centre by Moz, Google Digital Academy, Google Analytics Academy, or Hubspot Academy, at reasonable costs.

4. Switching is Always an Option:

Working in the digital marketing never put on constraint on starting with some new ventures. If you have some capital saved and want to start your own business, it is perfect. With online information serving to be a key source in introducing consumers to products and offers, you can always use your skills to make your business grow. It hardly matters whether you are a B2B or B2C in nature, the digital marketing strategies and tactics you gained will be helpful in reaching your potential clients.

If you need some idea for what to start, you can read here.

5. Exhilarating Work Environment:

The rapidly-evolving nature of digital marketing landscape in Singapore makes it another reason to build your career here. Every minute there are new tools, algorithms and technologies emerging making it arguably one of the most challenging fields to work and grow. There will be a lot to explore and experiment and explore. The only thing which has to be constant is your willingness to learn and catch up with the pace. Simply putting, you have to be on your toes, stay updated, and clearly monitor all internal and external factors which could affect your campaigns.

6. Spectrum of Roles:

If you have a very spontaneous nature, this field is certainly for you. In digital marketing you will get to wear many hats. Whether you are a newbie or already working in some other field, you have many options to choose. You could be a generalist or a specialist, whatever the role demands. To be successful in this industry, you have to be someone who understands the broader picture, meanwhile zooming in on a particular skill. It is ok to specialize into a particular niche, having knowledge of a broad array of skills, is must.

7. Endless Reading Material:

Even after you have gained the basics, it is essential to stay updated for the latest changes, trends, and so on. Thankfully, for a digital marketer there is a vast literature available. You can read on number of articles and blog posts updated regularly by several organizations and experts. To your every problem you can get an expert opinion.

8. Flexibility:

As everything is done online, you enjoy the flexibility to work as in-house employee for an agency or you can go for freelancing. After gaining some experience as a digital marketer, you can convince your management to let you work at your ease. While all you need is a laptop and access to the internet, working from home, whenever required, won’t be problematic.

So with digital marketing gaining exponential rise in Singapore, it is sure that the obsession is not going anywhere. Together these reasons make it absolute sense to pursue digital marketing as a career.

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Author: Varun Sharma

Started working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world. His keynote expositions are based on the digital marketing theories, which provide a fascinating insight into the secrets of high performance.

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