Content Marketing Trends 2017

8 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Nowadays the digital marketers are using “Content Marketing” as the next big thing. Content marketing is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy. There is no doubt that content marketing is a wonderful medium to present yourself in the market and reach out to the audiences.

In 2016, content marketing has changed the game of digital marketing by gaining popularity. Now, it’s a great opportunity to make best use of its efficiency in 2017 and inspect all the new potential outcomes that might be valuable for your brand.

What is content marketing actually…

Content Marketing means creating and sharing content of high standards and shareable qualities to pull in audience for your digital empire. The main objective of content marketing is to change over the prospects into clients and the clients into frequent buyers. Also, the type of content we create and share tells about our specialty.

Here in this blog, we will have an overview of content marketing trends that will dominate 2017. Let’s check out the below given trends;

1) Mobile-Friendly Content

Is your content simple to read and explore on mobile phone? If not, then get it done. The significance of responsive sites that guarantee a smooth user experience on mobile devices won’t simply be a trend in 2017 – it will be the STANDARD. Your audience won’t change screens to simply consume a piece of incredible content. They’ll just move to the next option.

Last year, maximum digital traffic came from mobile, and it will continue in 2017. Google will keep on prioritizing mobile-friendly websites in search rankings.

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2) Visual Content at High Rates

It is predicted that like videos, visual content will also be performing at high rates. Visual content includes, pictures, infographics, slide presentations, GIFs. They can drive more engagement and conversions for your business.

Try to use more visual content on your site, and accurate images within your blog posts. Similarly, on social media, even if you’re not on a visual platform like Instagram, visual content will help you drive more engagement on your updates and clicks on the links you share.

Also, try to create unique visual content for your content marketing strategy, instead of using stock images.

3) Live streaming videos

Getting somebody to click on your content is one thing, but how to make them read your content? Live streaming allows you to share your face, voice, and expressions with your audience, however, it’s the interactive part that makes it so important. You can address them directly.

In 2016, Facebook Live video feature gained popularity and become the important approach for marketers.

Nowadays people are really focusing on live streaming, whether through Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter’s Periscope application, SnapChat or any other platform.

In case you’re looking for ways to improve content surrounding company announcements, meetings or exceptional occasions, live video is the clear trend to influence.

4) Video Content

Video content isn’t new, however, its unstable development in 2016 raises the opposition for 2017, with publishers already looking at the various approaches to incorporate video in their content marketing strategy.

Social media is essentially influencing and will influence the rising trend of video content, with Facebook putting an emphasis on live videos recently, while it already highlights video content on clients’ news feeds. As indicated by Mark Zuckerberg, live videos have seen a 4x increase in the use since May. We trust that more brands will do so in 2017.

5) Interactive content

The content that we read, watch or listen expends time and consideration. Today’s normal attention to focus has hit an all-time low. In 2017, marketers need to discover innovative approaches to make the content intriguing.

The most ideal way that a brand can capture the attention of their audience is by making content interactive. As per an exploration led by Content Marketing Institute, “89% marketers concur that intelligent content snatches more consideration than static content.”

6) Newsletters

This strategy is probably going to incline in 2017. You can depend on observing an uptick in email newsletters making the rounds during the year ahead.

While many have moved content focus to social media, information from Campaign Monitor showed emails are five times more prone to be seen than Facebook messaging. Also, McKinsey beforehand reported that email is 40 times more successful at obtaining clients when compared to Facebook and Twitter.

7) Storytelling Content

Storytelling will turn into a key part of a content marketing in 2017. Good storytelling in business is more than just a case analysis. This highlights when audiences are starting to feel worn out on content for content’s purpose. Simply blogging to have a blog or updating social media for the sake of it won’t cut it anymore. You have to draw in with your audience and recount to them a story.

Therefore, when it comes for the sake of your business, non-fiction Storytelling is the need of an hour. These stories based content can actually influence the reader’s mind.

8) Virtual reality

The buzz made around virtual reality makes it the most overrated topic in the tech space. From hotels offering a tangible experience, to test driving cars, VR will be considered as the next big thing in content marketing in 2017.

This can be an influential way to promote products and services. Termed as the sympathy machine, VR gives your clients a chance to experience your brand instead of making them listen or read what you need to say.


Content marketing will be a ferocious industry in 2017, or much more than that. Marketers should thoroughly think out of the box in order to appear unique from the crowd.

According to you, what will be the leading trends in content marketing in 2017? What are your content marketing strategies for 2017? Do share with us in the comments below!

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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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