Tips to Prevent Your Ecommerce Website from Hacking

10 Mistakes That Make Your Ecommerce Website a Hacker’s Target

Here we have listed the top mistakes that make your ecommerce websites vulnerable to hacking and fraud.

How safe is your e-commerce site?

This question is as important as your inventories and sales. This is because there has been a tremendous rise in hacking activities and ransom activities in Singapore for past some years.

Ecommerce websites have always been a main target for hackers for many reasons. Because:

  • Customers enter their personal information including credit card data, creating a nice opportunity for hackers to get their hands on that data.
  • Ecommerce websites are prone to malicious content, malware, spam and phishing pages due to the large numbers of customers and business marketing mistakes.

Sooner or later, your ecommerce website can be knocked down by a hacker or fraud if you are not serious about the safety of your site. Once your site is hacked, it leads to the loss of customers and the loss of reputation.

Why take a risk? Wake up!

Avoid These 10 Mistakes To Prevent Your Ecommerce Website In Singapore From Hacking


Using a strong password may sound a basic thing, but it can cause big damage if you neglect it, just like a small hole sinks the ship. Using passwords like 1234 or ABCD makes it easier for cyber criminals to hack your site.

If you are not convinced, here are some eye-openers for you:

Therefore, you must be careful while creating passwords for your site. As a golden rule says, password should be large and a mix of characters, alphabets and numerals. A strong password can be the hardest nut for the hackers to crack. Also recommend your customers to use long and safe passwords.


No matter which ecommerce platform you choose, make sure it is equipped with the latest security credentials. Does it offer necessary security measures like SSL certificate? A PCI compliant platform ensures secure environment for credit card processing.

It’s important both for your customers and your business that your store and its sensitive data remain safe and secure at all times. Choosing a secure platform ensures you a complete peace of mind.


It doesn’t make sense to store sensitive data like credit card numbers and CVV2 codes and other customer info over your ecommerce site. It is very risky to store too much of customer’s sensitive information on a server that can lure a hacker to steal the data. Besides, PCI security standard council has strictly forbidden the storage of such crucial data.


Monitor your site frequently to keep the track of traffic activity and get an alert whenever a suspicious behaviour is found. There are so many real time tools available that help you monitor how your customers are navigating and interacting with your website. It will help you take immediate action to prevent it. Besides, take a note of your hosting server to check if it has malware or harmful contents. Make sure to scan your website regularly to keep virus and malware at a bay.


Firewall is one of the essential components to add extra layers to your e-commerce sites. It alerts you whenever any suspicious activity done on your server. It helps you avoid attacks like Trojans and viruses. To minimise the risk of SQL injection and cross-site scripting attack, an ecommerce site must layer up their security to a customer’s login page, forms and queries.


Don’t overlook the role of employees in cyber security. Relying on the cyber security measures is not enough unless you educate your staff.

Here are the things helping you aware your employees about cyber security and encourage them for the same.

  • Train every department having tasks over internet
  • Conduct sessions frequently
  • Teach them how to recognize the signs of cyber attack
  • Regularly test your employee’s IT security knowledge
  • Clear your IT policies about data breaching and use of devices in your business.
  • Beware of the insider threat in your company

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Have you ever thought your web hosting provider can play a role in your website security? Many hosting service providers offer wide range of tools and apps to make your e-commerce website secure and smooth running. So, prefer the web hosting service provider who can…

  • Use at least 128 bit AES encryption or more like 256 bit
  • Do regular backups
  • Keep comprehensive logs
  • Have written policies in case of a data breach or natural disaster
  • Monitor the network
  • Have single point of contact in case of emergencies


If you are not taking software updates seriously, you may end up another cyber victim sooner or later. This is because cyber criminals always leverage the systems that are not upgraded regularly, no matter if you are using ZenCar, OsCommerce or Xcart. The latest version of software fixes bugs in software and enhances its performance. So, patch your software or platform regularly to guard it off cyber criminals.


Take a backup of your HDD helps you in case something happen to your computer. Same goes for your e-commerce websites. Backup is important when crashing of websites is more common than you think. Make sure your hosing service performing the data backup on a regular basis. Sadly, many company realize the importance of data backup unless their website knocked down by hackers, computer catastrophe or malware or viruses.

We hope that you don’t join the league of such companies and be serious about your data backup.


Not tracking the suspicious activities of a user during online transactions means you are asking for a trouble. Therefore, you should equip your website with an alert notice to monitor such malicious activities and doubtful transactions coming through the same IP address. You can have a system alerts for multiple orders placed by the same customer using different cards, contact info and address from the same IP address. Make sure to check the order recipient name or details matched with those of card holders.

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So these are the tips to protect your e-commerce site from hacking and fraud. It will also encourage the customers to buy from you as they know your site is a secure place to shop.

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Author: Varun SharmaStarted working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

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